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If Ethnic Is Your Style, You’ll Love The Latest Abhinav Mishra Collection

If Ethnic Is Your Style, You’ll Love The Latest Abhinav Mishra Collection

We couldn’t be happier going back to Vyoum after being part of their Fashion Fundraiser. For those of you who don’t know about it, Vyoum is a multi-designer store by Ritu Seksaria. Currently, its hosting a new designer addition, Abhinav Mishra, from the 23rd to the 24th of May. Dressed in a breezy white kurta, the Delhi-based designer’s collection Sitara was on display and we loved what we saw.

With summer in full swing right now (we hate it as much as you do) the only thing that really keeps us going is a great ensemble. Must we say, Abhinav Mishra’s latest collection will surely give us much-needed respite this season. The pastel-coloured kurtis and lehengas, which were on display at the store, looked pretty and summer fresh. For all of you who are thinking ‘Indian wear in this heat is a big no-no,’ trust Abhinav and his new collection to change your mind.

Launched in 2009, Abhinav Mishra, who excels in women’s Indian wear made just the right addition to this store and its DNA. Sitara, as a collection, stood out in all its glory and we saw buyers flocking in, having a great interaction with the designer himself while shopping. Exclusively designed by Abhinav for Vyoum, this collection is all about soft hues and a feminine touch. Head over now in case you’d want to meet the designer behind these creations. We bet you’ll leave with a shopping bag in hand.

WODROB wanted an insight into the Abhinav Mishra brand, and who better to tell us of it than the man behind its inception.

WM: Give us an insight into the ethos of the brand Abhinav Mishra.
AM: I like to create girly ensembles in pastel colours using a lot of mirrors and sequin patterns. I also work with water colour tones and delicate embroidery. I like giving my clothes a soft and delicate look; playing with softer looks as well as modern looks interpreted in traditional ways. I also use touches of bright colours here and there.

WM: What is your basic research and design process like?
AM: My inspiration comes from places like Jaipur, Udaipur and Lucknow. I use lots of colours that come from there too; even work like mukaish and chikankari from Lucknow and mirror work from Jaipur. I like all the bright colours Jaipur has to offer, but I balance it out with pastel colours. That is how I go about with my research and work.

WM: Your collection looks extremely bridal and festive. Do you ever intend to create casual wear?
AM:  Yes, maybe in the future. For now this (festive wear) is what I am concentrating on.


WM: Which colours from Sitara would you recommend to be best worn in summer?
AM: I have used lots of white with touches of pink. I think that would make for a great combination to be worn in summer.

WM: Is there a signature element in your work that will have us say ‘That’s an Abhinav Mishra design’?
AM: You’ll generally see Jaipur-y connections and designs in most of my work.

WM: Women’s Indian wear is your forte. Do you ever plan to foray into menswear too?
AM: No, not yet.

WM: What are the challenges in your design process?
AM: Generally, I don’t face any challenges in my working process because I love what I do.


WM: Indian wear can be overdone at times. When do you know ‘enough is enough’ for a particular piece?
AM: I don’t do too much embroidery. If I work on heavy dupattas, I make sure the blouse and skirt is plain, maybe with embroidery just on the border. That’s about it.

WM: How would you define your style?
AM: It’s definitely minimal when it comes to Indian wear.

WM: Tell us which is your personal favourite collection.
AM: Undoubtedly the newly-launched collection, Sitara.

WM: Personalisation has become such a major trend especially in festive and bridal wear. What’s your take on it?

AM: I generally convince my clients to go with what I have because I know it is good (laughs). However, if they want different colour combinations and small things here and there, I definitely personalise.

WM: Do you plan on working on an ensemble — jewellery et al?
AM: In the future maybe with bags. Jewellery, for me, comes later.