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Artist Apeksha Vaish Inspires People Through Mandala Art

Artist Apeksha Vaish Inspires People Through Mandala Art

Who doesn’t love cute merchandise to carry along with on a day-to-day basis? From notepads, post-its to laptop skins and mobile covers, our hunt for the quirkiest products is never-ending. If you’ve viewed our Insta stories, you’ll know that we at WODROB are always on the lookout for fun brands across the design domain. And that’s also how we came across Appy Designs, a label that perfectly fulfils all our stationery needs. Translating her thoughts into visuals, founder Apeksha Vaish creates quirky products making use of colourful, geometric patterns and intricate details. Taking a cue from the Hindu graphic representation of the universe i.e., the Mandala, Apeksha’s aim is to fill up people’s lives with “appiness” (read: happiness). We got in touch with her to know more about her brand and her design philosophy. Excerpts from an interview…

You started as a Content Developer and are now an artist/designer. Tell us how this change came about?

I guess it was part of an evolving journey for me. I always wanted to express myself. And what started out as words eventually gave way to visual as I realised that visuals are not only more immersive for me as an artist, but are way better for me to bring in my individuality to my work. Thankfully, the people around me also appreciated my work and that only gave me further confidence to evolve as a designer.

12 IN 1 MANDALAS by Appy Designs
Mandala-inspired Laptop Skin by Appy Designs

Did you pursue art as a child or did you realise your art skills along the way?

I guess I was always keen on artistic endeavours. I used to occasionally doodle on pages, and then soon began collecting them. It was then that I realised that maybe I could share these designs with the world as well, and spread some cheer and happiness with my designs. That’s how the idea of ‘Appy Designs’ germinated.

Was choosing laptop sleeves and notepads as canvas always the idea? Also, have you considered working on any other medium?

When I started out, choosing the product for my designs was never the thought. I focussed on my designs and largely still do. It was only when I decided to convert my designs into products for the masses, that I started looking for what mediums would be popular among my target audience as well as do justice to my designs. Today laptop is ubiquitous and is owned by almost everyone. Also, not many people have a way to bring creativity to laptops. It occurred to me that laptop skins could be a good product to start with. And then, moving forward, we launched Idea pads, which again are an exciting series of Mandala-empowered notebooks.

Take us through your design process.

For me, any design has to be an amalgamation of several elements. I love to play with various form factors. Whether it’s geometric patterns, shapes, colours, mandalas or other art forms… I love to blend them and put them on a canvas. I’m also slightly obsessed with intricacy. Which is why you’d see multiple layers to most of my designs. What I endeavour to make is something which can stand out and still have a subtle balance of elegance and boldness. My designs normally take anywhere from four to eight hours of work, and sometimes even days before it is ready to be transferred to the products.
Again, for me, designing is a therapeutic as well as an energising experience. I really hope that I am able to transfer this positive energy to anyone who buys the products. It’s not merely a product, but a medium to spread positivity and happiness among everyone.
Flower Circle By Appy Designs
Flower Circle Idea Pad by Appy Designs

Do you use traditional mediums to create your work or are you a digital artist?

I actually work on both. Initially, it was more of traditional mediums but now I’m learning to use the digital mediums as well.

Your popular design Mandala has spiritual relevance. How did you incorporate this into your products?

Mandalas have intrigued and inspired humans since ages, and yes, it certainly has a somewhat deep and immersive impact on me as well. As I said, I see my designs as a medium to transfer happiness and then through these products, I can let more people feel the empowering presence of Mandalas in their lives. That’s how the connection between Mandalas and my designs began. Furthermore, Mandalas form an interesting canvas for creativity. There’s so much that you can do and experiment with, in and around Mandalas, thus enabling me to add a new layer of variety to my designs. I hope that with Appy Designs, I can carry on this journey of taking Mandalas to the masses.

Where else do you seek design inspiration from?

Other than designing, I love travelling. And that is where I seek my solace from. I love to go to unheard of places, interact with locals, understand and delve more into their social and emotional drivers. So I guess I can say that all these experiences inspire me and help me with my designs.

Apeksha Vaish of Appy Designs
Apeksha Vaish seeks inspiration from travel

What do you think differentiates Appy Designs from other similar brands?

I guess I look at it as not just another venture… I look at it as a journey to inspire and empower people. Having said that, I hope Appy Designs will be able to carve its own journey through unique and empowering designs; focus on good quality and longevity of products; the range; the marketing partnerships as well as have a personal connect with its customers.

Among your many products, is there a personal favourite? Tell us why…

While it is always difficult for an artist to pick her favourites, I would still like to mention two of my designs. One is the ‘Aum’ series; for not only is it empowered by the encompassing power of Aum, but the overall layers of design (despite being black and white) are hopefully able to effectively carry multiple patterns, and are intriguing. There’s also the design ‘Crazy Concentrics’, which is in total contrast to ‘Aum’ design and is crackling with the energy of multiple colours, patterns and powerful varying Mandalas.

Laptop Sleeve From Aum Series Of Appy Designs
Laptop skin from Aum Series

What’s in store for Appy Designs in the future?

We are excited about its journey from hereon. I’m looking to add more products, some of which would include frames and laptop sleeves. I’m also looking to undertake some innovative marketing campaigns to be able to reach out to the right set of consumers who would love to possess these exciting designs and bring out a little of ‘appiness’ in their lives.