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Knotty Tales – A Haven For The Contemporary Shopper

Knotty Tales – A Haven For The Contemporary Shopper


Just when you think Mumbai’s multifaceted fashion scene cannot get any more à la mode, there it goes — overturning, valiantly vanquishing all your presumptions. Owing to the number of fashion houses, home-grown designer labels, exhibits, soirées and shopping parties happening in the city, Mumbai has become one of the prime places (if not the ultimate one), a melting pot for every fashion police, enthusiast and aspirant alike.

Knotty Tales was one such feather that was added to the city’s sassy, multidimensional hat. Programmed on January 17 and installed at Bungalow 9, one of the chicest fine-dines in Bandra, there was nothing remotely banal about the Spring Edition which was fifth in the year.

The rustic allure and palatial structure of the venue only added to the incandescence of the event. With 47 pop-up shops, bold, ingenious brands and a larger-than-life audience, Knotty Tales, Spring Edit ’17 sprawled across the venue like a graceful brook bearing fashion from around the country, while also, slowly cascading its way to the porch of the restaurant.

Pallavee Duggall, co-founder of Knotty Tales says, “The event is especially meant for young, independent and fun women”.  She adds, “Gauri and I started off with wedding planning, after which, the idea of doing something more creative came across. So we both thought, “Why not do pop-ups?!”

While the central focus of the event is pulling out fresh, new designers and showcasing indigenous self designs, Knotty Tales is an epitome of colloquial styles fused beautifully with the contemporary. “Our last edition that took place at Four Seasons was festive in nature, which is totally contrasting to the bright and quirky Spring edition that is going on here”, Pallavee explains.

In Mumbai where fashion comes and goes within the blink of an eye, it could sometimes be extremely arduous to keep up with the same, to which Gauri Pradhan, co-founder, says, “Personally, I have never cared about trends. I have always worn what I liked, what looked good on me”.  Talking about the city, she says that it is a mix of everything. “We have designers coming in from Delhi, Jaipur, Indore and many such places. I feel that eventually, everyone ends up coming to Bombay”, Gauri explains.

When it comes to her own wardrobe, Gauri says there is no time for fuss. “I usually like all colours and styles, and I don’t spend too much time shopping and selecting as I tend to buy everything”, she adds while letting out an unapologetic giggle.

Pallavee says she has a rather simple taste and wears whatever she feels the most comfortable in.

“We have been quite lucky curating the event, owing to the kind of designers that we have on board”, says Pallavee. However, she says, there also tend to be fluctuations in footfalls keeping the market in mind.

Pallavee being from a finance background, initially ran an art gallery after which she ventured into jewellery designing, while Gauri was a sought after television actress till seven years back. Together, they curated an event that is so radically trend-setting in itself. Pallavee and Gauri also curate specialised events like kids’ pop-ups, wedding-centric pop-ups and more.

Talking about future plans, Pallavee says, “We have a lot in store. We plan to go online, and maybe also come up with a line of our own.”

As we neared the end of our discussion at the classy, countrified seating upstairs, Gauri let out a plain, yet witty advice. “The mantra is to be comfortable. Wear what suits you the best. And do not follow trends. Because if you do, you would have to buy a new wardrobe almost every day.”

As we strolled through the diversely innovative pop-up shops, we couldn’t help but gasp with glee at each one of them. Hence, we chronicled a few such shops, those we found uber snazzy, quite distinctively:

Knotty Tales, Spring Edit ’17, hence, was not only a phenomenal pop-up event, but also a great place to interact with fellow fashionistas. In the land of ever-so-experimental fashion that Mumbai is, it was but an ideal coup to blissfully be in the know how’s of all things voguish, while also dispersing with a contented heart, what with the memory of the event being etched in it for ever.