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Love From India, A Traditional Brand With A Contemporary Twist

Love From India, A Traditional Brand With A Contemporary Twist

Born out of the bustling by-lanes of Benaras and rooted family heritage, Love From India, an indo-western label, showcased their collection ‘Tandem Touch’, at Masala Bar as a part of Fashion Wednesdays on March 15.
Nidhi Agrawal Seksaria, the founder, says, “Love From India is inspired by trends, fashion forecasts and all the happenings around the world, with its heritage coming from Benaras.”

By showcasing their collection at Fashion Wednesdays, Nidhi says, she wants to let people know that simplicity fused with a bit of traditionalism can do wonders.

In a quick interview right before the show, she tells us more about her design philosophies and the way in which she effortlessly plays with prints, colours and silhouettes:

WM: What was the inspiration behind establishing Love From India?

Nidhi: My family comes from Benaras, so we have always been into saris and textiles. In fact, my family is still into exports, scarves and a few other garments. Fashion was something I have always wanted to do. I felt like in India, at that point, we lacked a brand that caters to the needs of the basic Indian woman, be it the students, the housewives or the working women. So once I finished my studies, I decided to get them the kind of clothing which is fun, affordable as well as comfortable.

WM: What is your design philosophy?

Nidhi: Keep it simple, keep it stylish and just do what you love. If you don’t like a design, you would not be able to market or sell it but if you love it, it can do wonders.

WM: Is there a specific objective for which the brand was established?

Nidhi: It was established for the specific needs of the Indian women, who are modern and outgoing. It is for those who wants something comfortable and needn’t have to dry clean or think twice before wearing, like whether it is culturally suitable and socially acceptable. That is the idea behind the brand.

WM: Do you practise sustainable fashion?

Nidhi: Sustainable or eco fashion is a growing design philosophy, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. There’s a certain part of our collection which is sustainable. We, in general, take care of the environment. Our factories are done in a way that does not harm the environment. Our workers and fabrics are also taken care of. Contrary to popular belief, sustainable fashion is not only about cotton and khadi. Sustainable fashion is the process – of how the fabric or the garment is made. Our processes are eco-friendly as well as labour friendly, while we also follow the ethics laid down by the government. We do use polyesters, which is a synthetic fibre but we make it in a way that it does not harm the environment. 

WM: Is there an age group that your brand caters to?

Nidhi: I would say, people above 21 years of age. Some of my clients are also 80 and 90 year olds.

WM: Do you seek inspiration from any national and international brands?

Nidhi: I love Etro. They are all about prints and paisleys. I also love Valentino because Valentino is Valentino in the end. However, we, in general, study many couture designers and we derive our inspiration from them because they are Gods of fashion.

WM: Prints, patterns and colours are the overpowering elements in your design. Why is that? How do you balance it with silhouettes and fabrics?

Nidhi: We have a factory set up which is majorly for printing purposes and Aloka Exports, the parent company of Love From India, has been into printing and exports for more than 30 years. So, that is where our forte is. And since India is all about colours, patterns and fusions, we concentrate on just that. And we simply love colours, patterns and prints! We make use of synthetic fabrics and I am not ashamed of it because we have been successful in achieving great quality synthetic. We also use a lot of polyester, viscose and also, blends of all these fabrics. We use 100% cotton as well. So, there is a variety in the kind of fabrics that we use and it is all made in-house.

WM: How would you define Indian-Boho style as?

Nidhi: Bohemian look is all about how comfortable you feel in what you are wearing. I think the style is derived much from the north-western region of India, since there is a lot of colour and comfort, be it the Phulkari from Punjab or bandhani and tie-dyes from Rajasthan.

WM: What led you to showcase your collection at Masala Bar?

Nidhi: I love doing fashion shows. So, when Masala Bar came up with Fashion Wednesdays, I thought, “Why not?” It is an exciting thing, an exciting place.

WM: Can you talk about your collections till date?

Nidhi: Over the years, I have worked on 17 collections. Some of the major ones are Tandem Touch of Two Worlds where we have brought together two traditional worlds, the kilims of Turkey and paisleys of Kashmir. This is the collection we’d be showing at Fashion Wednesdays tonight.  We showcased one collection called All The Way at Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer ’14. It was all about outfits that you could wear from morning to night, i.e. all the way. Our upcoming collection is called Denim Influences where we have incorporated the sturdiness of denim into soft fabrics, hence creating denim inspired prints. Another such collection is Splash which is all about splashes of paint, colour and different shades. The collection Poprose is dedicated to retro styling. It included pop of colours, rose prints and lots of reds, greys and silvers.

So, we at WM strongly feels that ‘Love From India’ is not just your next door fashion label but certainly, much more. It is, in all true senses, a brilliant amalgamation of colours, patterns and prints. This brand is for the Indian woman who wants to be modern and yet, keeps her tradition alive.