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5 Quirky Men Accessories To Style Your Attire!

5 Quirky Men Accessories To Style Your Attire!


Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to what outfit to wear, how to style it, what accessory to pair with it and so on. Men, on the other hand, have fewer options and most men tend to stick to very safe bets when it comes to fashion. Men love their hues of blue, black and white so much that very few of them are seen showing interest in unconventional shades. Light pink has made a splash in most men’s wardrobes recently. WODROB aims to convince men to get more experimental with their fashion choices and bring out more of their fun personality. Since millennials are changing and willing to try out new stuff, we jot down a list of quirky accessories that will bring out the inner fashionista in you!

  • Cufflinks

Earlier, cufflinks were associated with what our father’s wear to meetings or at weddings. Breaking this norm, there are some really cool and quirky cufflinks options available. You can select from a range of superhero-themed, beer-themed, gym-related and customised monogrammed designs. Wear them along with a formal shirt and a pair of chinos for a night out and you’re sure to stand out amongst the crowd.

Shop from: Azga, Amazon, Tiekart, Fourseven, and Bombay Store.

  • Lapel & Tie Pins

Similar to cufflinks, lapel pins are also the new “in” thing. They are also available in various shapes, colours and designs. You can choose from various designs related to superheroes, alcohol, pop culture and more. You can also use tie pins to add a funky factor to your formal look.

Shop from: Azga, Jabong, Tiekart, Peluche, Ammvi, and Flipkart.

  • Pocket Squares

Brighten up your formal wear game with printed, colourful, hand-dyed and embellished pocket squares. They add so much colour and fun to an otherwise monotonous outfit. Especially looks good at Indian weddings. You can also colour coordinate your pocket square with your partner’s outfit colour. #CoupleGoals

Shop from these websites: Satya Paul, Azga, The Collective, Myntra and Tiekart

  • Bow Ties

Whoever said bow ties can be worn only with a tuxedo, did not see Ranveer Singh causally flaunt a bow tie and look like a million bucks! This trend has struck a chord with the youth and many boys are flaunting a bow tie with a solid shirt and a pair of jeans for a clubbing scene or a date night. These are also available in some funky Marvel, DC and pop culture themes.

Shop from these websites: Tiekart, The Bow Tie Co, Zara, India Circus and Peluche.

  • Socks

Socks are considered to be a basic pair of clothing. However, a pair of printed socks can jazz up your entire look. Men are experimenting with their socks and opting for some quirky and bizarre prints. WODROB recommends you opt for at least one pair of food-print socks. We absolutely love the avocado, French fries and wine print socks available.

Shop from these websites: H&M, Zara, Jack and Jones, Forever 21 and Tiekart