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Want Makeup Looks That Take You From Desk To Party? We’ve Got 3!

Want Makeup Looks That Take You From Desk To Party? We’ve Got 3!

A fresh hairdo and some light makeup can instantly amp up any boring ensemble. Makeup is an art, one that can elevate your entire look. And we agree that it can be quite tricky to take your makeup from day to night. There’s always that fear of going overboard with your makeup at work and also of not carrying that boring look to a party. As much as we love the bold red lips and the classic cat-eye, there are more than just those and it’s high time we delve deep into the space of makeup and attempt something different. Exactly why, Team WODROB has scoured the Internet and got you three quirky yet stunning looks that you can replicate to make people envious. Time to ace that makeup game, girls!

Double-hued liner

Not ready to give up on the cat eyeliner completely and still want to be experimental? Here’s a look you can definitely try. Take a cue from the beauty YouTuber Debasree Banerjee, and use two complementary colours to create a gorgeous dual-toned liner look. Try a green and red double liner look or go for a blue and orange winged liner. We also love what MUA Linda Hallberg has tried — a stark blue cat eye wing (triangular more than being curvy) along with a subtle aqua shimmer liner from the centre to the inner corner of your lash line. When you try this look, keep the rest of your makeup minimal so your eyes can do all the talking.

Double Liner Makeup Looks Linda & Debashree.jpg
Pic: Linda Hallberg, Instagram; Debasree Banerjee, Instagram

Two-toned lips

The ombre lip trend is nothing new, but you’ll often find people working it horizontally across their lips, with just one colour towards the inside of your lips and another colour blended just around it. But if you’re one to spot beauty trends and remember the Holly Fulton Spring Summer 2013 show, you’ll recall the stunning two-toned summer lips by make-up artist Andrew Gallimore. Indian beauty blogger Rati Tehri Singh tried something similar by — orange and pink ombre lips. Line the outer corner of your lips, and fill it with a stark colour and then use a contrast hue in the centre. Blend both such that they merge seamlessly. While Rati has worked a highly stark colour, you can go for something subtle for your look. Opt for subdued makeup for the rest of your face.

Two toned lips for makeup.jpg
Pic: Rati Tehri Singh, Instagram; Holly Fulton 2013, Pinterest

Vibrant lower lashline

A pop of colour to your eyes definitely makes a huge difference to your face. We Indian girls love the good ol’ kohl pencil and can never part with it. But here’s the twist, try a vibrant liner instead of the same old black one on your lower lashline. Take a cue from Trishala Sikka by adding a bright jewel-toned colour like turquoise or emerald green on your lower lashline and keep the black liner intact on your upper one. Since this isn’t too bold a look, you can play around with your lip colour without opting for nudes or subtle pinks. Want something subtle yet funky? Take a cue from Cara’s look by going for a vibrant blue just on your lower waterline and a shiny silver on your upper lashline.

Different colour liner
Pic: Cara Delevingne, Pinterest; Trishala Sikka, instagram