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Upgrade Your Eyeliner Skills With These Easy Tips

Upgrade Your Eyeliner Skills With These Easy Tips

Makeup can be hard, and one of the toughest elements to master is eyeliner application. We’ve all been through it – you begin with wanting to provide a little definition to your eyes, but end up spending the next half an hour making each cat eye wing big enough to match the other. And before you know it, your eyeliner has taken over your entire eyelid. The result, you are not just running half an hour (or more) late but also end up looking like a panda. If only people knew the time and persistence it takes to perfect the eyeliner. After all the troubles you take to nail that eye makeup, who is to ensure that your flick will look just as great as when you first applied it? Well, we’ve got some easy tricks that will help keep your eyeliner on fleek at all times.

Prime & Set

Is there anything worse than creating a work of art on your eyes, and then having it smudge and crease through the day? To avoid that, use an eye primer. It provides an even-toned smooth base for your eye makeup and improves its look and longevity. After applying the primer all over your lid, proceed with your eyeliner. After application, go over your eyeliner with a powder eye shadow of the same colour using an eyeliner brush. This will ensure that your liner stays in place through the day without smudging and creasing.

The White Pencil Eye Liner Trick

Eyeliner colours are no longer restricted to the darker end of the spectrum. Now is the time to use that to your advantage. A white eye pencil can be used in various ways to enhance your eyeliner. Firstly, you can use it as a base for your actual eyeliner. This will not only serve as a stencil for the final liner, the colour will also pop on it. Secondly, you can apply the white eye pencil on your top and bottom lash line and then diffuse it using your finger tips. Then apply your eyeliner on top of it. This gives a slight emphasis to the eyeliner due to the contrast the unexpected hue creates. Thirdly, trace your waterline with it to make your eyes look more awake.

Erase & Conceal

Many times, we end up making a winged liner too thick or too long. Instead of removing the entire application and starting again, try this: Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to erase the excess. After this, sharpen the edges of the wing using concealer.