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3 Super-Easy Hacks To Get Absolutely Flawless Beach Waves

3 Super-Easy Hacks To Get Absolutely Flawless Beach Waves

Don’t you love tropical vacations where you can leisurely lie on a hammock and sit that mojito by the beach? And oh, the next best thing about such vacays are gorgeous beach waves. Celebrities have been sporting this glamorous tress style day in and out (even when not at the beach) and we’re crushing over it. Ever wondered how you achieve the beach waves without actually spending a day in the sand and sun? We searched the Internet, and found a few super-easy and inexpensive methods to get you sexy tousled waves at home. Scroll through these three hacks and find what suits you best.

Use a straightener

Yes, you don’t need a curling iron to get beach waves. You can easily make it happen using a straightening iron. Dampen your hair slightly, without overdoing it. Spray some heat protectant spray to keep your hair damage-free. Part your hair in two or more sections and braid it, depending on how loose or tight you want the waves to be. Run the flat iron a couple of times over the braided hair. And there you go, you’ll have the quickest beach waves.

 ‘I woke up like that’

There are tons of products like sea salt mousse and spray available in the market. Just spritz a little sea salt spray to your just-washed hair and then roll it into buns. Sleep on it overnight to wake up with glamorously tousled waves. This hack takes a night to be precise but we vouch for it being the best method if you’re looking to achieve waves using no heat.

 A diffuser to the rescue

Another quick trick to get subtle loose waves is to use a hair diffuser. Spritz a heat protectant and sea salt spray to your hair. Attach a diffuser head to the hair dryer. All you’ve got to do is blow dry the ends of your hair for a while keeping the tool on a warm setting and voila… get that perfect wavy beach mane.