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3 Must-Know Tips For Girls To Maintain Effortlessly Wavy Tresses

3 Must-Know Tips For Girls To Maintain Effortlessly Wavy Tresses

We all know that one friend who practically has the best of both (hair) worlds — straight and curly. And gosh! Aren’t we jealous of it? Everyone loves the texture of wavy tresses, but it is a misconception that this hairdo is quite high maintenance. Obviously, using multiple fancy products every single day is a no-no for the hair. Be it chemical treatments, heat, shampoo and hard water, all of it is equally responsible for stripping the hair of its natural oils and beauty. And this makes it extremely difficult to style wavy hair. The hair also never stands a chance against either the monsoon or humidity. Which is why we’ve got you three tips that’ll help save that crowning glory.

 Wash with cold water

This is probably the most inexpensive and natural tip for wavy hair. Make it a point to always rinse your hair with cold water. The cold temperature helps lock moisture in your hair and keeps the frizz at bay.

DIY Spray for beachy waves

Embrace the natural texture of your hair by spraying a magical home-made DIY spray. This trick enhances your stunning hair and gives you perfect beachy waves that are to die for. All you need is a mist bottle, aloe vera gel, sea salt and lukewarm water. Mix these ingredients and pour it into an empty bottle. Spritz this spray to your hair when you want to achieve that tousled beachy waves look.

Use a hair diffuser

Many times, the hair doesn’t dry out quickly after a head wash. Blow drying is time-consuming and the heat also damages the hair. Don’t have the option of letting your hair dry out naturally? Ensure to dry your hair on a cold setting using a diffuser. This maintains the volume of your hair and keeps it frizz free.