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5 Men’s Hairstyle Trends For Every Face Cut

5 Men’s Hairstyle Trends For Every Face Cut


Who says men don’t enjoy being in sync with the latest trends? Look at the hundreds of stylish hairstyles doing the rounds and you’ll know just how stylish men can be. We admit, it can be tricky to know which look is right for you, but that’s exactly what we’re here for! Fall 2016 has brought back a lot of yesteryear trends in the hairstyle arena for men, but they’re all still as suede and dapper as ever. From being perfectly fashionable and yet appropriate for the workplace, these styles pack a punch and how!

From Bollywood inspirations to knowing what goes with your face type and hair quality, we’ve handpicked 5 hairstyle trends, straight off the runway, to help you men, style them such that they suit every face cut. Keep reading:

1. Caesar Cut

It’s the popular buzz cut, but it just won’t quit! Also known as the short crop, this one is terribly easy to maintain and looks good on almost everybody. It’s perfect if you prefer something that’s low maintenance and yet looks great. You should definitely give this cut a try, no matter whether your hair is straight, wavy, fine, or even thick. Make sure you get your hair cut evenly on the sides and the top remains short – only then will this cut look its absolute best. The Caesar cut is one of those styles that look great with a beard, so fret not, this one gets you totally ready for No-Shave November too!

WM Tip: This look may not be the best idea for someone who has very textured hair.


2. The Flow and Comb

It’s not always the smartest idea to have a longer hairstyle, especially when you’re working in the corporate sector or have a job that requires you to adhere to strict grooming rules. Solution? The Flow and Comb Hairstyle. This one is perfect if you’re looking for some length without the full coif . The hairstyle works well for those with an angular face and fine to thick, straight hair. Although the name sounds fancy, all you have to do is make sure you get a classic square cut done, which is longer on the front and both sides. Keeping this look combed back is a great idea.

WM Tip: This look does not always flatter people with curly and wavy hair, so if that’s your hair type, it may be safe to not go forward with this look.


3. The Angular Fringe

Although this look first became popular in 2014, it has definitely come back with a bang! Short on the sides, long on the top, and the fringe is left hanging over the forehead at an angle to give this look its unique touch. This look is perfect for men with round faces – it adds not only style, but also length to your face. The best part about this look is that it is flexible, and hence, can easily be adapted to suit the workplace. You can go super short or even ask for a skin fade on the sides. As for the fringe, get your hair on the top cut at an angle, regardless of how long you keep it, so they’re not even across the bottom and the result is a lot of nice, messy texture.


4. The James Dean

This look is perfect if you want to pull off the whole movie star jazz. It’s effortlessly stylish, but also sorted and clean enough for the office.  This look is perfect if you want to go for something that’s more relaxed and have wavy to curly hair, which is medium to thick. Keep your sides up to a medium length, and let the top to side ratio remain blended and around 2:1.

WM Tip: It might be a good idea to refrain from this style if you have fine, straight hair.

55. Prohibition High-and-Tight

First introduced in the 1920’s, this style is back, and how! To get this look right, keep the sides as short as possible, and the hair at the nape of your neck, faded and short. Leave an inch and a half on the top, and the edges and sideburns short. This hairstyle can totally be rocked with a scruff, so while it’s trendy, it’s definitely still very masculine. You should go for it if your hair is straight; whether it’s fine, medium or thick, doesn’t matter. It’s great in adding some prominence to your cheekbones and eyes.