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50 Shades Of Lipsticks

50 Shades Of Lipsticks

Let’s admit it, we girls love shopping lipsticks. Whether you’ve seen the shade on your favourite celeb or on sale, you just need a reason to go buy some more. It is the only form of makeup that requires no expertise. All you have to do is use your kindergarten skills of colouring.  Applying a lipstick requires us to use the first skill that we ever learnt – colouring within the lines.  But, finding the right shade to match your outfit can be quite tricky. What’s the point of owning so many when you’re unable to match it to an outfit. The right shade not just compliments your outfit but acts as an accessory. Matching your lipstick to your outfit doesn’t mean that it should be of the same colour as your garments. It means that it should be an add-on to your overall look. All shades can broadly be classified into two categories, those with a pink undertone and those with an orange undertone. Keeping the undertone of your attire and lipstick the same will reduce the chances of a faux-pas.

Flirty Pinks

Pink is sexy and fun, It is sugar, spice and everything nice. It is a very playful colour and the one that you should be donning for all your days out in the sun. It is easy to pair with outfits and is suitable for all occasions. This flirty lip colour ranges from the delicate shades of periwinkle pink to bold fuschia. Applying pink on pink is a risky business, however, while this look did well on ‘the plastics’ from Mean Girls and while Reese Witherspoon rocked pink in ‘Legally Blond’, an overdose of pink is just not this season.
WM tip: They look best with whites, nudes and shades of blue. They also look great with silver.

Balmy Neutrals

Neutrals have been in rage for a while now and they include all shades of nude from light cream to dark brown. Remember what is nude to you maybe a light or dark brown to another person because we all have different skin tones. Nudes help tone down your look. So if you ever feel that your outfit is looking too bright then a nude lip is your saviour. The challenge that we mostly face is in figuring out whether to go dark, light or keep it nude. Go nude if you wish to keep your look very simple. If your outfit is on the darker side, go for a lighter hue and vice versa. If you feel very daring, then you could try a lipstick that is lighter than your skin tone. These can easily make your lips look lifeless or frost bitten so it’s easier to avoid them.
WM tip: They look best with apparel in rich greens and violets and all shades of red and pink.

Lush Reds

Even Taylor Swift has sung about how classic (red lips look in three of her songs. It is a must have in every make-up bag and yes it’s true that everyone can wear red! Reds range from the bright scarlet hues to the deep wine hues. Being the most majestic of all lip shades, it can instantly make you look from drab to fab. If your lips are thin, opt for the brighter shades of red as it will give them a fuller appearance and avoid deeper shades as they do the opposite. The thing about red is that it takes the spotlight so keep your eye-makeup minimal to balance the look.
WM tip: They work best with monochromes, nudes and do well with gold. Red is the only colour which can be paired with the same shade of outfit.

Cute Corals

Corals keep your look simple and sweet. Think mild berry and peachy shades to understand coral. If vibrant makeup is not your cup of tea, corals are what you should turn to. There’s something about these shades that makes them look so refreshing. Corals have a youthful feel to them and the colours being mild, you can play around with bright-toned eye makeup. Coral paired with pastels will make you look like a Meghan Trainer music video, something not everyone likes. Be careful while paring with pastels. These shades are more suitable for the day than the night.
WM tip: They look best with all shades of the sea, from the light aqua tones to the deepest blues.