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10 Men From Our #BeardsOfBombay Campaign Talk To Us About Grooming Their Beard & More

10 Men From Our #BeardsOfBombay Campaign Talk To Us About Grooming Their Beard & More

When it comes to acing the grooming game, we’ve never discriminated on the basis of gender. And if you’ve checked out WODROB’s beauty and grooming posts, this is something you’d have already figured out. In fact, we believe that beauty routines are as important to men as it is to women. Which is exactly why we recently collaborated with men’s grooming brand Raw Nature, to celebrate men who have made the beard a fashion statement. Ask around, and you’ll hear a chorus courtesy women, which will reiterate that men with beards are extremely desirable. In recent years, beards have shifted from being just a fad or even a desirability metric. Rather, well-groomed facial hair is now a style accessory, especially for men who make an effort to stand out.

While working on The Beards Of Bombay campaign, we interacted with some dapper men who not only take pride in their beard but also make you realise that growing a beard is serious business. We interviewed them on everything from their favourite beard styles, celebrity beards they admire, the woes of growing facial hair, and more. Excerpts from interviews…

Pranav Bakshi

I’ve had a beard for about a year now. In fact, I decided to trim it off once and then it took me about three months to grow it back. When I chopped it off completely, people didn’t recognise me. I remember the reactions were many; ‘This man has changed’ or ‘Who is this?’ I also heard things like, ‘What happened to you?’… ‘Where did the beard go?’

I think men should know that growing a beard is way more difficult than shaving. My grooming routine is very old-school. Every day it takes me at least 10 minutes to groom it right. I trim once every week, and I pay more attention to grooming it than shampooing my hair. It takes a lot of effort. Currently, I love the style that I sport, with the handlebar moustache.

Aryan Nair

I love the full-length beard that I am sporting right now. In fact, I’ve even given it a name… I call it the Shivaji look. Growing it has been quite a task; it’s been a journey of more than three years. I trim it every 20-25 days and my grooming ritual involves a lot of oil and wax. In fact, every day it takes me around 15-20 minutes post my shower to just groom it and get this look. One needs a lot of patience to sport and groom a heavy beard. So I suggest it’s important to be patient enough.

Kishal PS

It took me almost one and a half years to grow my beard. While I trim it about once or twice a month, I ensure I condition it every day. It takes about 15 minutes to comb it down post applying oil and balm. To get it into shape, I tie it for about 10-15 minutes. I think one needs immense patience to grow a beard. In the growing phase, unless it’s not of a good length, you should avoid trimming or shaping it. Also, it is important to keep it clean… always. Ironically, my favourite style is one that looks slightly messy and wild.

Shashank Gidh

The one thing you need when growing a beard is patience. Also, there’s no need to follow any trends. In fact, I believe in setting trends. When people look at me, one common reaction I get is ‘Does it grow that long?’ That said, there are many struggles of having a beard… like feeling the wind in it.

Devansh Jhaveri

Having a beard is a tough job. You need to maintain it more than you need to maintain your hair. Just like you condition and shampoo your hair, you have to shampoo and condition your beard, moisturise it, groom it so it doesn’t look like you’re a homeless guy. I’ve had it for four years now, and I think it is important that the beard is well-groomed, taken care of, trimmed regularly, or you’re going to have split ends. It’s been a while that I’ve wanted to grow it out as long as possible. Maybe someday I’ll do so.  About following a celebrity or an influencer… well I don’t, really. But someone’s beard I really love is Dan Bilzerian.

Ajay Thakur

When others see me, one common reaction they have is “Wow, do you colour your beard?” Also, people who have a beard know that the biggest struggle is to be careful when you’re eating food, or later, you may find breadcrumbs in it. It is extremely important to keep it neat, clean and groomed. I really like Ranveer Singh’s beard, and someday, I’d like to sport a really long beard.

Kartik Chaudhry

Men are naturally supposed to have a beard. It’s much later in our evolution that we started shaving. Beards are in trend these days and not every guy has a well-groomed one, so it is a unique selling point when you are in a gathering, and people do appreciate it. My tip to other men looking to sport it is to let it grow. Give it some time, it’s a thing of patience….a lot like bodybuilding. You have to work on it regularly and obviously maintain it, which is a tough job. The main struggle is to automatically groom it… those rounds to the salon week after week. As of beards, I love them long, non-groomed… sort of savage and barbaric. I think I’d like to let my beard grow naturally someday. Like the beards in Game of Thrones. Oh, and I also like Virat Kohli’s look.

Syed Ali Arif

I’m trying my hands on modelling and acting so sometimes, I get stuck because I am asked to shave, and I don’t want to do it. I think I’m too in love with my beard and I’ve lost some wonderful opportunities because of it. That said, it’s not something I regret. Growing it may be tough but I think you should just go ahead and do the same. Initially,  it will start itching you and you may not even like how it looks. But give it time and you will notice how it changes your personality, and the way people look at you. The only reaction I get when anyone sees me is that it looks good on me because I’m bald and bearded; so I’m happy with that. Though I want to try and colour my beard someday, a shocking blue or maybe rainbow colours. Off late, I’ve seen Ranveer Singh supporting some crazy beard styles, it looks great and a lot of people are following it, it’s nice to see men supporting beards.

Rocky Uchil 

There are many struggles of having a beard — maintaining it, having a juicy burger, and even riding bikes.  That said, if there’s one advice I’d like to give to those growing a beard, it’s just go ahead and grow it and never shave it off. The one celebrity I admire is the new Aquaman, Jason Momoa.

Siddhatya Maitre

Maintaining a beard is difficult. But I love it, so I don’t really mind maintaining it. Growing it obviously did take time, and one needs to have patience. I’d like to sport a fully grown beard someday. The reactions one gets for well-groomed facial hair differs from place to place. For instance, while people in Mumbai admire it, when I go back to my hometown, they say ‘Why do you have a beard?’

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