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3 Rugged Yet Classy Beard Styles We Want Men To Try NOW

3 Rugged Yet Classy Beard Styles We Want Men To Try NOW

There has been a resurgence in the facial hair trends over the past few years. Now, not only are there styling options galore, but also a range of men’s grooming products introduced in the market. In fact, guys are now taking note and upping their beard game. Clean shaven, subtle facial hair or thick-bearded, we obviously have our personal favourites. This year, we also noticed the Indian celebrity clan sport different styles in facial hair. From Shah Rukh Khan slaying the well-trimmed look in Raees to Ranveer Singh’s trademark full beard in the upcoming Padmavati, there’s immense inspiration for guys. And with November (Movember, shall we say) fast approaching, you must join the bandwagon in promoting health awareness by embracing the ‘No Shave November’ trend. Still in doubts as to which style to try? Scroll on for some easy and trending options we’ve scouted out for you. Take your pick, ditch the razor, get set to experiment and grow it all out!

Well-trimmed stubble

The most common of the lot, a stubble is easier to maintain and grow than any other beard style. It works well with almost all hairstyles and that’s also why many men opt for it. Take a cue from Maddy (R. Madhavan) who recently had Instagrammers sighing all thanks to his sexy stubble. The stubble is apt if you have a strict dress code at your workplace and growing out a beard isn’t the available option. Got a sharp jawline? The stubble will only accentuate your face giving you a suave look.

Classic short beard

This one falls somewhere in between the stubble and the full-grown beard. Men certainly look great in a short beard with defined edges. The French beard or the goatee are popular short beard styles. Shape your beard into a square or a rounded edge depending on what suits your facial structure better. Remember to maintain the length and keep grooming this beard to look smart.

Trendy Full Beard

A thick beard with a handlebar moustache was the talk of the town. Everyone from Shahid Kapoor and Aamir Khan sported this look in the recent past. This one’s a bold look if well-styled and maintained. Try different versions of the full beard style. The faded full beard is one where your sideburns fade into the beard evenly, giving you a hipster vibe. If you’re looking to try the full beard look while still maintaining the length, then opt for a uniform beard (bulky yet even).