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4 Runway-Inspired Beauty Trends We Are Rooting For In 2018

4 Runway-Inspired Beauty Trends We Are Rooting For In 2018

While there are some trends that we cannot get bored of (aka liquid lipsticks and highlighters), there are others like the smoky eyeshadow, that feels quite saturated. However, if you think that there is to makeup, well… you are mistaken. Because 2018 is going to be all about four fresh trends that we can’t wait to try. Read on…

Designer Eyeliner

Beauty Trends of 2018 Designer Eyeliner
Pic: Laura Biagiotti/ Instagram; Jill Stuart/Instagram; Delpozo/Instagram

Let’s be honest, ever since the trend has been a hit, classic black eyeliner with winged tips is our go-to when in doubt. But currently, we’re digging the recent revival of coloured liners. Be it metallic or a matte finish, 2018 is going to be about eyeliners in every hue AND a breakaway from the traditional winged tips.

Glitter Lids

After being phased out in the early 2000s, glitter was relegated to kids’ craft projects. Not to forget it was largely considered crude and unflattering (a lot like scrunchies). However, 2017 was all about redoing glitter the adult way. Matte eyeshadows have given way to metallics and shimmer, and finally all-out glitter, which is great news for peeps like us who are all about the bling life.

Beauty Trends of 2018 Glitter Lids
Pic: Anna Sui/ Instagram; Delpozo/Instagram; JOUR/NÉ/Instagram

Glossy Lips

The one person we can credit for bringing back glossy lips is Pat McGrath. If Instagram posts are anything to go by, then 2018 is going to be the year of glossy lips. Sceptical about rocking this trend? We suggest packing on lip colours with a sheen that are in creamy matte formulas.

Beauty Trends of 2018 Glossy Lips
Pic: Pat McGrath/ Instagram; KKWBeauty/Instagram; Naeem Khan/Instagram

One-tone eyeshadow

There’s no denying that blending is the key to a flawless finish. That said, spending minutes (that seem like hours) to blend eyeshadow can be cumbersome as well as impractical when you’re running late. This is precisely why we’re glad that one-shade eyeshadows are a legit trend to look forward to this year. Just swipe one vibrant shade on the entire eyelid, soften the edges, and you are good to go.

Beauty Trends of 2018 One Tone Eyeshadow
Pic: Anteprima/ Instagram; Jason Wu/Instagram; JOUR/NÉ/Instagram