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3 Bizarre Makeup Trends Of 2017 That’ll Leave You Confused

3 Bizarre Makeup Trends Of 2017 That’ll Leave You Confused

Insanely artistic beauty bloggers around the world are showcasing their creativity through makeup and we cannot deny that it’s always a sight to behold. Yes, it’s all about having fun, but some makeup trends have gone beyond one’s imagination and we don’t know what to make of it. WODROB scouted the Internet to bring to you what we think are the wackiest makeup trends of 2017. Scroll on to read more about the latest bizarre makeup trends that are now Instagram hits.

Squiggle Brows

One has seen a change in brow trends for a while now. In fact, ‘Brow Game Strong’ has turned into a chant for most fashionistas and beauty bloggers. Pencil thin eyebrows, arched eyebrows, bushy and full eyebrows, uni brows, we’ve seen it all. And now, the squiggle brow trend has made an entrance only to be tried-and-tested by the beauty community. Does anyone else think people took up a blindfold makeup challenge minus the blindfold? Also, if you think it stops right there… we’ve got news. The squiggly snake-like brow is now followed by the ponytail brow trend. Talk about having your eyebrows on fleek!

Furry Lips

Another trend sweeping the Internet is furry lips. It may have landed on your Instagram feeds already and you’re probably trying to make some sense of it. The textured lip is created by sticking some kind of fluffy material (velvet, fur, the likes) on the lips with a lash glue. While this trend isn’t really cringe-worthy, we still have mixed feelings about it. Nonetheless, if you’re done being basic and are all game to go bold, you can definitely sport this trend.

Nose Hair Extensions

Move over eyelash extensions and lifts, because the one trend that’s currently making waves (literally) is nose hair extensions. While this crazy makeup trend may be liked by some, we for sure cringed at its first sight. It began with Instagrammer GretChen Chen pasting her false eyelashes onto her nose. And in no time, this trend caught up with other beauty gurus embracing it only to make it 2017s latest (weird) beauty trend.