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Colored Denims to beat monsoon blues

Colored Denims to beat monsoon blues

Trends that caused a wave in fashion always return, sooner or later, and in the denim department, one particularly vibrant movement is alive and thriving once more: colored denim. Why stick to basics when you can be colourful and trendy!? A color palette once dominated by blue has been infused with candy apple red and blazing yellow. A spectrum of happy hues and pale pastels are at the forefront of Monsoon— a nostalgic craze we truly hadn’t anticipated returning with such vigor.

Colored jeans first became a “thing” in the early 2010s, and for a while, everyone in your circle and more were donning this trend. After a year or two, however, the trend started to die out, and, while it never completely went away, we certainly saw much less of it than we used to when it was “in.” However, in 2018, the trend made a comeback and has gotten a lot more creative with the shades. You will now spot some more toned down versions of colored denims in pale pink, olive, powder blue, carnation and more. Almost all shades pair nicely with a simple white tee, but why play it safe? WODROB suggests you be more playful with the colors and set style trends in this gloomy monsoon weather.

WODROB has put together three chic combination ideas that for sure will inspire you to buy yourself brand new colored jeans.

Mint green jeans and almost anything to go with it:

These are the perfect to ease into the colored jeans trend. It’s also super easy to put together looks with this color as it adds a very fresh vibe to your outfit. For a girls day/night out you could sport a cropped top, for a cozy stay-in or move night you could put on a knitwear, for a date night put on a cute yet fancy top, and for a casual outing put on a basic tee, and you’re all set to make heads turn.

Medium Pale Orange jeans:

This feminine and put-together spring look would work perfectly for every day, or even for a business-casual job or internship. The matching scarf is not only super-trendy right now, it also adds a symmetry with the pants.

Bold Red Jeans:

Now red is a color you can never go wrong with. This color can carry an entire outfit on its own sans accessory. You can wear these pants with a plain white top and you’ll still be considered stylish. However, WODROB suggests, you take this one step ahead and pair these pants with a bold print, think animal print! This will be such a perfect 10 look for a clubbing night.