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Channel A Cool-Girl Vibe With Curtain Bangs, The Latest Hair Trend

Channel A Cool-Girl Vibe With Curtain Bangs, The Latest Hair Trend

When a hairstyle sees a 600 percent spike in shares on Pinterest, obviously you’re about to pique one’s curiosity. We’re talking about the curtain bangs. Honestly, a renewed interest in this look is hardly surprising given we have been gravitating towards style and makeup trends inspired from the 70s for a while now.

So what’s the deal with curtain bangs and where does the trend get its name from? The Bridget Bardot-esque bangs are meant to be worn straight, parted in the centre, and with a slight curve. They are called so as they are drawn to the sides (like curtains), worn swooped to either side of the face. These face-framing bangs are extremely flattering to every face type and bring out one’s features.

Curtain fringes are easier to maintain than blunt bangs as they tend to grow out seamlessly. They narrow down the forehead and add an illusion of length to the face, thus making it easier to carry off than a chunky straight-across fringe. These fringes look best when they have a slight bend, which is a win-win in humid and tropical climes where achieving a poker straight look is next-to-impossible unless the hair is chemically straightened.

How to Style them

Here’s a look at the steps to be taken when styling curtain bangs:
1.  Apply a tiny bit of medium-hold styling mousse on towel-dried hair.
2. Placing a medium-sized round brush under the fringe, direct the hairdryer (fitted with a narrow nozzle) in a downward airflow to smoothen the locks and sculpt them.
3. Work in sections as it will give you more control over the direction in which you blow dry. This will also ensure that your bangs look fuller.
4. To tackle stubborn cowlicks, blow dry the section in the complete opposite direction to make both sides look uniform and polished.

Why You Should Get It

If you want to change your look without letting go of your length, curtain bangs are just the style you need. It’s the easiest way to refresh your current hairstyle without having to hack off too much length. Also, the best way to add dimension and volume near the hairline in case your hair is cut in long layers. Curtain bangs also add a modern twist to classic cuts and add that appeal to your tresses.
The best part about curtain bangs though is the way they grow out beautifully, blending with the rest of your hair unlike regular bangs with its neither-here-nor-there growing out phase, which is extremely exasperating. Been there, done that!

Who Should Get It

Those with mid-length to longer hair can opt for curtain bangs. It’s a great cover for girls who have a long, wide forehead and works best if your hair is straight. That said, folks with wavy hair can get them too if your hair’s not too wavy in the front. Again, your hair must be fairly thick to get them to look full and cover your forehead.

Who Should Avoid It

If you’re one with a really tiny forehead, avoid getting curtain bangs as it will close in your features instead of adding depth to your look. Also, the upkeep can be maddening if you have curly hair. In case you are prone to breaking out on your forehead, steer clear of curtain bangs since hair brushing against the acne will make it even worse.