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Boys, Pay Heed! Here’s What Your Daily Skincare Routine Must Look Like

Boys, Pay Heed! Here’s What Your Daily Skincare Routine Must Look Like

Contrary to popular belief, men really do pay more attention to their appearance. But let’s admit it, they’re spoilt for choice. Ever walked into a drug store only to get carried away thanks to an endless list of skincare products? Blemish treatments, deep-skin cleansers, under-eye brightening creams, anti-aging creams, pore cleansing masks, moisturisers, scrubs, toners… these are just some to begin with. Now if you give a man too many options, they will (obviously) end up skipping their skincare routine altogether. That said, if you’re someone who wants a smoother shave with a side of clear skin topped with less visible signs of ageing and a decreased risk of skin cancer, read further. We’ve jotted down the bare necessities of skincare, without the confusion.

Morning & Evening: Cleanse

A deep-cleaning face wash is essential to start and end your day with. And no, we aren’t referring to the bar of soap kept in your bathroom. Washing your face twice a day helps you get rid of all the oil, dirt and dead skin cells that layer on your skin.

Morning: Scrub

Exfoliators buff the outer layer of the skin leaving the surface smooth. It also serves as a great pre-shave product as it softens tough facial hair. Exfoliating your skin twice a week will help you get rid of all the grime from your pores as well as any in-grown hair on your skin. Say no to dead skin cell thanks to this weekly exfoliation.

Morning: Shaving Cream

Craving a comfortable, smooth and pain-free shaving experience? Apply a rich shaving cream to reduce friction. We guarantee you a seamless shave if you use a good shaving cream. It’s as if the razor shall barely graze your face.

Morning: After-shave balm

It’s probably wise to skip that after-shave splash. It tends to dry out your skin rather than moisturising it after working your way through a bunch of dead skin cells. Moisture-rich balms help soothe your skin and reduces any irritation caused by shaving.

Morning moisturiser

Morning and Evening: Moisturise

Do you keep your body hydrated at all times? It’s time to start keeping your skin’s hydration in check as well. A simple body lotion is too thick for the skin. Which is why, you must opt for a face moisturiser with built-in SPF during the day. This protects your skin from the harsh UV rays.

Night Cream