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Move over unicorn hair, denim hair is the hottest trend for 2017

Move over unicorn hair, denim hair is the hottest trend for 2017

It’s been a year since we’ve been stuck in a whirlwind of rainbow hair colour trends. Be it pastel hues that remind you of sweet macarons or jazzy blue-green mermaid hair colours, we’ve (maybe) witnessed it all. And just when we were anticipating what particular hair colour trend will hit us like a tidal wave, guess what? Denim hair has officially arrived and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Unlike some of the other rainbow hair trends, this is perhaps the most versatile and wearable hair colours that anyone can pull off. TBH, how often have you seen anyone go wrong with denim, right?

Just like your favourite pair of jeans, you can customise your denim hair colour to suit you. If you were unable to join the unicorn hair tribe, this is one trend you can definitely try because there are so many denim-inspired hair colour options for you to choose from. Experiment with tonnes of grey, blue, and even purple in your mane that’ll perfectly cater to your style goals. Feeling a little edgier? Opt for a pale acid-wash hue. For all you dark hair fanatics, test out a dark-wash denim hairdo. Just like its clothing version, denim hair is equally timeless.

Obviously, it’s a known fact that blue hair isn’t really a recent phenomenon. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna have previously rocked tresses of cobalt or navy blue wash. Nonetheless, what sets this grey-toned blue apart is that it is more denim. Denim hair has a grungy grey edge to it and that’s what makes it daringly dusty to sport. Also, it is extremely easy to let it fade away and grow out. The gorgeous colour gives your hair a lot of separation and dimension, thus making it stunning to look at even when it’s fading away. This one is definitely a look that anyone can pull off without worry.  And then again, denim will never go out of style.

So when are you getting your own customised version of your favourite denim jeans on your mane? Meanwhile, take a look at some major denim hair inspiration for you to drool over.

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