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Surprise! Eyeshadow Can Be Used For More Than Just Eye Makeup

Surprise! Eyeshadow Can Be Used For More Than Just Eye Makeup

The best part about beauty products is that it can be used in multiple ways. Yes! That’s no lie. Most of the products in our kit are versatile and can easily mimic another with a little tweaking. Also, since makeup can get quite expensive, we love that our beauty gurus know how essential it is to make the most of already-owned makeup. The eyeshadow, for instance, is pretty much a makeup staple. But if you thought its only use is to glam up your eye makeup, well… we’ve rounded up a few alternatives on how else to work the humble palette. Not only will these hacks save you money, you’ll also feel like a fab MUA, inventing fresh looks by yourself. Without further ado, check out how you can put your favourite and colourful eyeshadow palette to maximum use. 

Line your eyes

Sticking to the realm of eye makeup, the easiest way to put the eyeshadow to use it to line your eyes with it. It works wonderfully as both a dry and wet liner. Spritz a liner brush with makeup setting spray and dip it into the eyeshadow to line your upper lash line with it. Don’t restrict yourself to black and browns, instead, play with your looks and experiment with the other hues from the eyeshadow palette.

Use it as a blush

For a subtle cheek tint, put to use all the untouched pinks and oranges from your eyeshadow palette. It is also a great alternative to a highlighter. With just about a dash of the shimmery shadow on your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, and other high points of your face, you’ll achieve a glowy makeup look.

Try it as a matte nail paint

Can’t get your hands on matte nail polishes? Then this eyeshadow trick is for you. If you have some broken eyeshadows, add it to a bottle of transparent nail varnish and voila… you’ve got a brand new matte nail paint. Mix together a few eyeshadows to custom-make a funky colour.

Get eyebrows on fleek

This one’s already pretty popular with makeup junkies. You don’t keep scouting for brand new eyebrow powders or eyebrow pencils that match the shade of your brows. With an eyeshadow palette at hand, you can easily mix colours to get the desired brown or black that you can outline and fill your brows with.