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5 reasons you need Disguise Cosmetics lipsticks in your life right now!

5 reasons you need Disguise Cosmetics lipsticks in your life right now!

Lipsticks can turn your whole day around. Those who swear by makeup understand the importance of a good lipstick and the effect it can have on your entire outfit, look and personality. Also, if you’re somebody who uses a lipstick every day, you need one that will do the job perfectly, but at the same time care about your lips. India’s first cruelty-free cosmetic brand – DISGUISE Cosmetics understands this, and their line of 100% vegan, paraben-free and pocket-friendly lipsticks are here to become your go-to lipstick brand.

WODROB lists down 5 reasons that will highlight why you need these lipsticks in your life ASAP!

  1. Freedom to be who you want to be

Every woman plays so many different roles in her life every single day – mother, friend, daughter, boss woman, and more! Disguise cosmetics offer you the freedom to express yourselves in different ways. Each product is dedicated to a special woman known to the founders who have inspired them to name the product based on their personality. Need some drama in your life – opt for the Coral Dramatist shade, feeling adventurous – Fuchsia Explorer is your colour for the day and many more.

  1. Shades specially curated to suit Indian women

All their lipstick shades are formulated keeping in mind the Indian skin tone and the Indian buyer. You can choose from a range of options going from every day wear nude to light pinks to brighter shades such as fuchsia, reds, orange and finally for those who love to experiments – plums, purples and more.

  1. Pocket-friendly

The entire range of products is available for Rs 500 irrespective of the shade. They also have gift boxes for special occasions. You can buy the lipsticks online on, and Also, they are available offline at select stores.

  1. Natural ingredients

100% cruelty-free makeup mainly using natural ingredients, 100% paraben-free, enriched with avocado, argan and marula oil, vegan, alcohol-free

  1. Quality

These lipsticks are ultra-comfortable to apply, satin matte lipsticks with a long-lasting stay. It glides smoothly onto your lips and can last you for about 6-8 hours daily. The avocado and argan oil moisturizes the lips and hence, wearing lipstick all day does not dry out your lips. Also, the lipsticks are packaged in an unconventional green colour which resonates with the brand ethos.

Disguise Cosmetics launched in April 2018 with 8 shades of their lipstick and recently added 2 more to the collection. Every woman needs all 10 of these exquisite shades in their vanity kit to match their everyday and party outfits. So what are you waiting for, go shop now!