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3 Easy DIY Hair Masks Using Accessible Kitchen Ingredients

3 Easy DIY Hair Masks Using Accessible Kitchen Ingredients

Everything from the transitional weather to air pollution can be harsh on our manes, and give you that unruly hair. And while visiting salons for regular hair spas or pamper sessions does feel great, it requires both time and a lot of money. Shelling out all that saved moolah on expensive hair care products is not always an option either. With so many products available at the click of a button, we often put ancient beauty tips aside. There’s nothing better for the hair than using natural ingredients instead of chemically-formulated products. Some natural buys that are almost always stored in your kitchen can do wonders to protect, nourish and revive your hair. So we’ve scouted and researched to get you 3 DIY hair masks that you can try when you’re looking to give your hair some TLC.

Yogurt + Olive Oil

These two simple ingredients are easy finds at your local store or the supermarket. Mix a spoonful of olive oil with unsweetened natural yogurt and apply this mixture on your hair. Ensure to cover every strand well. Olive oil adds shine and moisturises coarse hair whereas yogurt cleanses the hair and helps in growing out healthy hair.

 Banana + Coconut Oil + Castor Oil

Mash a ripe banana, throw it into a blender along with warm coconut oil and castor oil. Once you get a thick paste, apply the mixture onto your hair. Cover your head with a warm damp towel or cloth as this will help the mixture reach the hair follicles and repair it from within. Banana promotes hair growth and also softens the hair while the oils strengthen the roots and re-hydrate it.

 Mayonnaise + Raw Egg

Combine mayonnaise and raw egg into a bowl and whisk well. Apply this mask evenly on your locks and ensure to cover every bit. Leave this on your tresses for about 20 to 30 minutes and wash it off well to get rid of the egg smell. Mayo works as a great deep conditioning ingredient. The egg, in turn, adds a lustrous shine and also prevents hair breakage.