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Do All You Can With The Height You Have : Short Guys

Do All You Can With The Height You Have : Short Guys

Tall or short, height is no excuse to not dress better. However, shorter guys often find it more difficult to break out of conventional dressing patterns and tend to stick to safer styles. This is because there are only a handful of brands that create clothes to cater to shorter body types, especially for men.

With these simple styling tips and paying attention to some often neglected aspects of your clothing, you can use the existing pieces in your wardrobe to notch up your dressing style and even add a few notional inches to your height!

No Break Pants

The first thing that every short guy must do is to get those trousers out of the closet and have them hemmed! Trousers that are hemmed to end right at the top of your shoes look neat and also add height to your body. Ideally, if you are shorter in height, there should be no breaks in your pants and nothing more than one-fourth of an inch in any case.

WM Tip: Avoid drop crotch pants. Apart from avoiding low-rise trousers, trousers that drop not only make you look shorter but also look shoddy. Avoid low drops and opt for slim fit trousers that are narrow at the ankle.

The Dress Shirt

Opt for a narrow fitted shirt even if you have an athletic body for a cleaner fit. Pay close attention to the sleeve length. Shorter men must keep the sleeve length shorter for an illusion of height with nothing more than just a quarter of an inch sticking out of your jacket. Again, sleeves should be narrow, adding length to the arms, making you appear taller.

WM Tip: If you decide to not tuck in your shirt- which definitely makes you look taller and makes a shirt fit better-ensure that the length of your shirt is no more than a couple of inches below your waist.

Jackets and Coats

Shorter jackets work well for shorter men by exposing more of the legs and creating an illusion of height. Opt for a well-fitted jacket that does not cover the butt and choose narrow lapels to help create a more streamlined look. The lapels will fulfil the same function that thin vertical stripes do for shorter people.

As a short man, we recommend you opt for two-button jackets, rather than three or four and ensure that the top button is positioned above the waist. This helps to elongate the torso and definitely helps you look taller.


A pair of shoes with pointed toes in a colour that is not a stark contrast to the colour of your trousers creates an illusion of length and helps you look taller. Square or round-toed shoes, on the other hand, will shorten the foot and consequently the leg.

In case you are looking for the right pair of shoes to go with a pair of shorts, choose low top shoes that end well below the ankle in a colour closer to your skin tone for longer looking legs.

Ditch the Belt

Because belts divide your body into two and can make you appear shorter, avoid wearing it. If you must wear a belt, choose a narrow one that does not contrast heavily with your outfit.

Paying attention to small details goes a long way in improving your dressing style. Also, since there is no way you can add a few inches to your height, be a smart dresser and dress up according to your body type. Step out in confidence because, in the end, a well-dressed man is also a confident man.