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5 Incredibly-Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Girls With Curls

5 Incredibly-Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Girls With Curls

We envy girls with naturally curly hair. But the one thing you’d always hear from them is ‘I’ve no idea how to style these curls’.’ A basic bun is the easiest hairdo for girls with curls because most of the time they’re wondering what to do with it. We won’t disagree that no matter how blessed you are with gorgeous beach curls or spiral bouncy curls, it’s always a task to figure out how to tame them and style them. A lot of us end up straightening it out, just to avoid styling those curly tresses. But guess what, you don’t have to stress anymore. Team WODROB has got you five hairstyles for different occasions that you can try with ease. If you’re someone who loves your natural curls, then you should definitely take time out to work these styles!

Deep side part

This one’s got to be the simplest hairdo for curly-haired women. Use a rattail comb to create a deep-side partition. The easy way to do this is by placing the comb on the hairline in sync with the highest point of your brow. Move this along the length of your crown and part your hair to one side. If you want to jazz it up, you can add hair accessories or even braid out the flipped-out side to make it resemble an undercut. A dollop of curl-enhancing serum or leave-in conditioner will hold your curls and manage the frizz.

1 side part-sleek-Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Girls With Curls.jpg
Pic: Pinterest

Half-up top knot

In case you thought the half-up top knot was only for sleek and straight hair, here’s news! This hairstyle works great on curly hair and keeps the hair from falling on your face. Take sections of your hair from both corners of the forehead, back to the crown. Then roll this section of hair just the way you would when making a normal bun. Hold it in place with a few bobby pins. Spritz hairspray to enhance your open curls.

Prachi Desai-Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Girls With Curls.jpg
Pic: Prachi Desai, Instagram

Braided ponytail

Take a cue from Kangana Ranaut on how to rock this look. This fuss-free hairstyle will give you a casual yet cute look. Funk up your hairstyle by creating a mohawk braid using a section of hair similar to how you would when trying a half-up top knot. Tie up the rest of the hair into a high ponytail. If you have a few coloured strands, then your braid will stand out even better.

Kangana Ranaut-Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Girls With Curls
Pic: Kangana Ranaut, Divya Naik/Instagram

Faux bob

Afraid to get a bob because you think your hair might end up looking like a lion’s mane? Well, you can easily create a bob without having to chop off your hair short. Loop the end of your hair towards the inside and keep them in place using a few bobby pins. Ensure to spritz some styling gel to keep this look in place.

Priyanka Chopra-Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Girls With Curls.jpg
Pic: Priyanka Chopra, Pinterest

Sleek crown

This hairstyle is anything but boring. Channel a red carpet diva vibe with this striking, super sleek hairstyle. Comb out your crown in a sleek fashion and flatten it against your head. Clutch the hair at the nape using a few bobby pins. Leave the rest of your curls just the way they are and there, you have a fancy hairdo in minutes.

5-sleek-Easy Hairstyles Perfect For Girls With Curls.jpg
Pic: Jordan Dunn, Pinterest