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Hair Game On Point

Hair Game On Point


Your hair is the deal breaker for any look – whoever said otherwise is lying or has never faced one of those bad haircut or bad hair day problems. Having a perfect hairstyle as per your face shape is of utmost importance as it can drastically change your look. No kidding!

Taking good care of your tresses requires some thoughtfulness and magical serums. Today, team WM will help you choose the best serum that you can use as per your hair type.

Curly Hair


Dreaded but beautiful, this hairstyle, if maintained properly has its own charm. Very often you must have heard curly haired people cribbing about their hair type. The texture is tough and depending on the type of curls and how closely they are formed, the treatment for the same differs too.

Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner helps keep your hair hydrated and prevents them from getting dry and frizzy.

Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Hair Serum helps tame the curls and gives them a gloss finish.

WM tip: Bob cuts look absolutely stunning with this hair type.


Wavy hair


Wavy hair type is considered to be a boon as it sways between curly to straight. Depending on the type, they can be fine strands with a hint of curl, thicker with a more straight texture, or soft curls. Either way  they look amazing, but can be difficult to style. Curly hair doesn’t hold any specific style for too long due to the texture of the hair.

If you plan to straighten your hair or curl them on a regular basis, this serum should help maintain the shine.

WM Tip: Getting a cut with layers will be the best for people with wavy hair. To add some drama to the look, a sweeping fringe will be a good option too.

Straight Hair


Many envy straight hair type – beautiful to look at, but it limits the options that one can have. Depending on the type again, they can range from fine to thick and dense. Curling using tongs is the most appropriate go-to option for people with this hair type. (read how to style your pin straight hair)

Wella Professional mirror shine finish serum will work best for this hair type. It will accentuate the texture, nourishing and giving a good shine.

WM tip: People with straight hair should try blunt cuts. Keep your hair short and just above the shoulder. The look will have a very formal and classy feel. 


Go on try out newer hairstyles keeping these magical serums in mind.