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Why Is Hair Plopping The Easiest Hack To Get Stylish Curls?

Why Is Hair Plopping The Easiest Hack To Get Stylish Curls?

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You must have heard this joke on the Internet… Question: How do you get these gorgeous curls? Answer: In two steps – A) wash hair, B) pray for a miracle. Now, this may resonate strongly with most curly-haired women. You know the girls who have a frustrating sort-of-wavy-sort-of-curly hair texture. More often than not, you’re the woman to have a love-hate relationship with your hair.

If you’re one to associate with similar problems, there’s a technique that’s hailed as the saviour of tresses by curly-haired folks — hair plopping. Want to live your best curly life sans the frizz and static? We suggest you put down your diffuser already. Because hair plopping is all about heat-free drying that adds tons of volume to your locks. And guess what!? All you need is an old oversized t-shirt for it. Read on…

How to Plop

Wondering how to go about this easy technique. Here are the steps you need to follow:
1. Post shampooing, apply your favourite leave-in conditioner, serum or both on damp hair.
2, Detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb.
3. Pull out an old, oversized, cotton tee, preferably one with long sleeves. Lay it such that the sleeves and neckline side are on your bed or any other flat surface.
4. Flip your head over and lower your tresses on the tee. Allow your hair to gather carefully on the centre of the tee.
5. Wrap the bottom of your shirt around your forehead. Post this, tie the tee around the nape of your neck.
6. Now bring the top of the t-shirt all the way to your nape with all the hair wrapped in it, and tie the sleeves together.
7. Tuck the ends neatly and allow your hair to dry naturally. While some girls plop for about 10-20 minutes, others leave the t-shirt on overnight. It’s just about how much you let your hair dry naturally.
8. Once dry, open up the t-shirt to unravel gorgeous, voluminous curls.

Why it works

Towels made of terrycloth tend to disturb the hair cuticle, which is also why hair gets frizzy. Wrapping the hair in a cotton t-shirt helps in drying the curls without disturbing the cuticles. It also helps prevent the loss of moisture. Which is why hair plopping is THE technique to give a shot!