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7 Ways To Look Hot In A Kurta Pyjama This Wedding Season

7 Ways To Look Hot In A Kurta Pyjama This Wedding Season

There are so many ways fashion and style can be made approachable for men especially for the wedding season – take the kurta pyjama for example – it’s something men always fall back on. It’s casual and it’s extremely comfortable. But did you ever think that the humble kurta pyjama could be turned into a style statement?

This wedding season, do yourself a favour and please don’t go back to your usual kurta, unless you’re going to get experimental with it. We’ve got some tips that will surely help you. Try these out and you’ll come back thanking us!

7. All about balance 

If you’re a little on the heavier side and think you can’t pull off a well-fitted kurta, think again! Picking up a piece that’s too many sizes too big for you is a total no-no. It’ll only make you look larger and that’s counter-productive. Of course, you shouldn’t go for a fit that’s excessively tight either, but what you should do is pick a piece that fits well.  A kurta that skims along your body’s line, has a great cut, and fits well, should be on your lookout.

WM Tip: Try picking up single-coloured pieces or those with lighter prints in comparison to heavily-printed pieces as they won’t flatter your body type and will only make you look heavier. Also, go in for slightly stiffer and thicker fabrics, so they would give you a lean look.


6. Turban tantrum

Want to amp it up a notch? For this wedding season, try pairing your kurta pyjama with a funky turban that not only adds some swagger to your look but is also a refreshing change from the basic kurtas that everyone else will be sporting.

WM tip: Try a tissue pagdi if you want something that’s modern and traditional at the same time. It’s light-weight, very ‘in’ right now and blends right in with any kurta attire.


5. Layer it up

There’s nothing that says sophisticated better than a well-fitted waistcoat over a kurta. It’s not only dressy but can also turn a casual kurta to one that’s apt for a wedding, in seconds. To nail this look, try pairing a printed waistcoat or Nehru coat with a single-coloured kurta. Finish the look with jodhpuris and you’re more than ready to go. If you’re on the heavier side, you can always keep the buttons open, which will also give a very laid-back look. If, on the other hand, you’re leaner, closing the buttons all the way up to the top might be a good idea.


4. The perfect jacket

Another great way to spruce up your kurta look is to add a blazer jacket to your outfit. You can go for a printed one for a look that screams ‘wedding’, or for a more subtle option, try something more basic in a single colour. Either way, kurta and jackets are in vogue right now and with good reason. They’re not only dressy but can also go with almost all your kurta and change your look from bland to ‘wow’ in a jiffy.


3. Back to basics

Regardless of trends and what’s in or not, there are some things so timeless and classic that you can hardly ever go wrong with them. Ever been confused about which to choose from the hundreds of kurta options available? Try getting yourself a solid cream embroidered kurta for a refreshing change in your wardrobe. It’s something you can wear to every occasion, be it a wedding function or a simple puja, it will never look outdated and suit all body types and complexion. You can also sport it with a pair of denim for a more casual look or with the usual crisp pyjama if you’re going for a more traditional outfit. Make it more dressy by throwing in a silk dhoti. This is one classic you surely need in your wardrobe.


2. Drape it right

What says wedding better than a nice dramatic stole to add some funk to your kurta pyjama? There are tons of options available – from plain beige (that goes with all types of kurtas) to ones that are heavily embroidered and perfect if you want to be noticed amongst all the men that are dressed to impress. Make sure you drape it right – if you’re wearing a printed stole, you might want to keep a major part of the stole on your back and if it’s a plain one, try the usual U-style of draping.

WM tip: Go in for prints or embroidery on either your kurta or your stole. Printed stoles would only clash with your kurta and not do any good to your outfit. Similarly, if you’re pairing a plain stole with a plain kurta, at least make sure the two are good contrasts of each other, through an interesting combination of colours – think bright yellows, blues, pinks, teamed with subtle tones like cream, ivory or off-white.


1. For the love of Pathanis

The very desi full-sleeved kurta with a collared neckline, that falls below the knee. It’s not only extremely stylish, but also gives the wearer a sense of authority. You can love it or hate it – but you definitely can’t ignore it. If you’re on the lookout for something that says casual but demands attention, pathanis are just the thing for you. Try the signature black pathani if you find these intimidating, or experiment with different hues of bright or subtle colours, depending on the kind of look you want. This is one trend that’s sported by many, but never goes out fashion.