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This 6-Step Guide Is What You Need To Clean Makeup Brushes

This 6-Step Guide Is What You Need To Clean Makeup Brushes

Ask any makeup artist about that one task which they loathe doing and the answer will unanimously be cleaning their makeup brushes. Whether you are a pro or a girl who loves applying makeup regularly, you would know that makeup brushes are an extremely expensive investment. Also, the key to let them last longer lies in their upkeep. Cleaning them regularly not only extends its life but also ensures that your makeup goes on seamlessly.

The number one reason your brushes need their regular rinse is to maintain hygiene. Brushes are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and dirty brushes invariably lead to rashes and breakouts. Although it seems like a task, here’s how you can clean your brushes in a jiffy.

Step 1: Soak

Use lukewarm water for this but you can also opt for regular water. Soak your brushes (only the bristles and not the metallic part) in a bowl of water. This works best for brushes that are used for creamy products, as it loosens up the residual product. However, we recommend soaking for more than just 2-3 minutes at a time.

Step 2: Shampoo

Now that you have saturated the bristles well, add a drop or two (and we really mean a teeny-tiny drop) directly on the bristles. Use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo as it is gentle and won’t dry out the bristles on the brushes.

Step 3: Scrub

Emulsify the shampoo by gently rubbing it in with your fingers. To ensure you don’t ruffle it up, rub in the direction of the bristles and not against it. What you need to do is squeeze out the residual makeup. Alternatively, you can use a silicon makeup brush cleaning mat like the Puna Store Makeup Brush Cleaning Egg. This tool works really well.

Step 4: Rinse

When it feels like you have squeezed out all the residue from the brushes, rinse each brush, individually, under running water. Swirl the bristles against your palm so that the water can get to hard-to-reach places, and rinse out both the shampoo and makeup.

Step 5: Squeeze and reshape

When the brushes are squeaky clean, press the bristles gently to squeeze out excess water. Follow this up with laying the brushes between a paper towel and pressing the bristles gently. The paper towel soaks most of the water. You will notice some of the bristles begin to dry up in a wonky manner. Either use your fingers to flatten them up or straighten them and bend them into shape. Reshaping the bristles after you’ve cleaned them is important so you can get the most out of these brushes.

Step 6: Dry it out

Never use a blow dryer on your makeup brushes even if you are in a hurry, as it results in brittle bristles. After squeezing out the excess water and reshaping the bristles, lay the brushes flat on a clean cloth or a paper towel. Do not keep them in a vertical position in which the bristles are on top. This will allow the moisture or water seep down into the ferrule (the metallic part of the brush that holds the bristles together) and weaken the glue holding the bristles causing it to eventually fall out.