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Answer These 4 Questions To Determine Your Skin Tone NOW

Answer These 4 Questions To Determine Your Skin Tone NOW

It’s no secret that we women, especially Indian women have major insecurities when it comes to our skin colour. The common questions we’ve asked ourselves growing up are ‘what are the colours that look good on me?’ or ‘why can’t I ever find that perfect lipstick shade?’ Well, how will you possibly find out if you’re unaware of your skin tone?

Let’s get this straight first. We Indian women have nothing to regret when it comes to skin colour. Our wheatish hues and dusky skin tone exude that sultry vibe. Understanding your skin tone is essential because while the shape of your body might change over the years, your skin tone more often than not remains the same. It’s also important to get to know what your undertone is. Yes, ‘undertone’. Bet it sounds a little fancy. But by the time you are done browsing through what we have for you today, we assure you that you will know more than enough.

We at WODROB have 4 simple questions for you that when answered will help you understand your skin tone. Warm, cool, whatever your skin tone maybe, take this quiz and find out STAT:

What do you see when you place a blank paper next to your face?
If you think your skin looks a pale yellow-brown against that white piece of paper then you’ve got a WARM skin tone. If it looks more pinkish, your skin tone leans toward the COOLER side. There…now you know the answer to the questions the lady at Sephora always keeps asking you.

What colour do your veins look in natural light?
Believe us, this is essential to crack the ‘undertone’ question. If your veins look greenish then you have a WARM undertone. If they tend to look bluish or slightly purple, then yours is a COOL undertone.

Do you look better in silver or gold?
All you desi girls out there who have a warm tone tend to look better wearing gold (no wonder the gold fixation with Indians, love it BTW). If you have a cooler tone, silver will suit you more.

Do you tan and sunburn easily?
Did you just say yes to this? Then you lean toward being of the warm undertone else you’re in the cooler category. All said and done, sunscreen is must girls!

Yes, a little difficult maybe, but we hope we’ve helped you figure out your skin tone. Now go, look your stunning self by trying that lipstick shade you thought would never suit you.