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All The Tips To Keep In Mind If You’re Looking To Slay Bangs

All The Tips To Keep In Mind If You’re Looking To Slay Bangs

If there is one hairstyle that gets you looking 10 times posher, it’s got to be bangs. In fact, these make your hair game stronger and instantly transform your face. Bangs also help you stand out from a crowd and make a bold statement. Having a full flat fringe is great, and obviously extremely stylish. But the task here is to maintain them without looking shabby. From contemplating between trims to picking out suitable styling products, bangs need some serious care. Wind, rain, sun and sweat can easily spoil your hairdo and make you look funny. Want to ensure that your bangs never look weird no matter what the weather? Check out our top five tips to help you style and maintain your bangs.

Wash your bangs regularly

If you’re not into over-washing your hair, make sure you give your fringe a rinse as well as repeat this in between hair washes. Humidity along with oils from your face turn your fringe greasy. Shampooing the fringe to keep them fresh is not a bad idea at all.

Make hairdryers your new best friend

Your fringe dries faster than the rest of your mane. Always blow dry your bangs the minute you’re out of a shower to avoid them from getting into a shape you loathe. Blow dry your fringe from the top, aiming the nozzle straight down your bangs right from the root. Finish styling it by curling a barrel brush from the root to the length of your hair for a rounded, bouncy finish.

Carry a brush

Always carry a little brush in your bag to ensure that your bangs are knot-free. Smoothing out bangs with your fingers may leave it looking slightly oily during an outing. They’ll probably receive a reality check from the weather too. A quick brush will freshen up your fringe right away.

Don’t overdo it with styling products

Slathering way too much product onto your fringe is a definite no-no unless you’re aiming to look like a grease ball. Use any product through the rest of your hair normally. Now tame your fringe using only the product left over on your fingers.

Use dry shampoo

Refresh your bangs in the middle of the week by spritzing dry shampoo and teasing it through your tresses with the help of your fingertips. This will add a bit of extra volume and prevent your fringe from looking flat.

Schedule that trim

Scheduling a professional bang trim every six weeks is advisable. Many salons offer it as a complimentary service between regular appointments. In case it’s not complimentary, we recommend you don’t take the snipping matter into your own hands.