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These 5 Tips To Maintain Your Hair Colour Actually Work

These 5 Tips To Maintain Your Hair Colour Actually Work

Thinking of going blonde this summer? Or looking to flame things up with a flamboyant red just for that ‘gram? Summer time is when most girls hit the salon for a change in hair colour, only to show off their sparkling new mane in those vacay pictures. Now, whether you opt for a good ol’ DIY dye or leave it to the pros, here’s what you need to know. Maintaining your hair colour is as important as picking the right one. While most hair colours fade in time, there are a few tricks to keep those raving reds, browns and blondes looking just as they did on day one. Read these genius tips and tricks that we’ve gathered to sort out all your hair colour queries.

Pick your products carefully

Ever imagined the amount of care you take for your skin? Well, you won’t just use any random facewash or moisturiser, right? In the same way, your hair needs equal amount of care to maintain your new shade for as long as possible. Stay away from sulphate. Pick a shampoo and conditioner with colour-protecting properties instead. This will allow to keep the hue looking fresh, even after a couple of washes.

Get a little greasy

No, we’re not asking you to show up to work with a greasy scalp. But on shampooing too much, we can assure you that all that expensive hair hue will wash right down the drain too soon. Stick to giving your hair a rinse twice a week, even less if your strands don’t get too greasy. If you really must hit the shower more often, use a conditioner in the place of a shampoo. This will allow extra moisture to your strands without stripping the colour off. You can also opt for a dry shampoo between washes so your locks look healthy and clean.

Hair SPF is a thing

Yes, that’s correct. SPF isn’t just for the skin. UV rays can cause serious damage to your hair. In fact, it can also oxidise or bleach hair colour. Spritz some hair product with SPF over your damp tresses before hitting the beach. Focus on the area around the crown… that’s where most damage is done. If you don’t want to use one, we suggest you throw on a hat or a scarf to protect your tresses.

Gloss it up

Treat your hair with some DIY glazing to amp up the vibrancy of your colour and increase its lasting power between touch ups. Mix a few drops of a semi-permanent dye with basic white conditioner, smoothen it onto clean, wet strands. Leave this in your hair for 10 minutes and then rinse. Do this every other week to help boost the shine and brightness of your hair.

Pool protection for your locks

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not chlorine but the mineral deposits found in pool water that may lead to a feared green-orange tinge on your strands. Apply a generous amount of hair oil — from the root to tip — so as to prevent these minerals and chemicals from stripping off your hair colour. The same oil trick works well for a rain dance party this Holi too. You don’t want that gulal staining your highlights now, do you?