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Don’t Miss Out On This Korean Beauty Trend That’s All The Rage

Don’t Miss Out On This Korean Beauty Trend That’s All The Rage

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If you have seen the trending #AMaskADay on Instagram, you already know what we’re talking about. Yes, it’s the scary-looking sheet masks. This cult beauty product from Korea is known to be extremely important as a pre-makeup skincare prep. For those of you living under a rock… a sheet mask is basically a piece of fabric (in the shape of your face) infused with ingredients that help repair your skin. These sheets brighten, moisturise and clarify the skin. You can place these masks on the face even when you’re on the go. All you have to do is wear the mask and let your face soak all the goodness from it. Sounds interesting but have no clue what you skin needs? Keep scrolling as WODROB’s got this sorted it out for you. Read on to find out which sheet mask will suit your skin type the best.

Dry Skin

The sheet mask works best to hydrate dry skin as it moisturises it. The one thing you’ve got to remember though is to get the mask off your face within 20-25 minutes or else the moisture will seep back into the sheets.

Oily Skin

A skin-clarifying or purifying sheet that helps with sebum production will not only clear out your pores but also combat the extra oil on your face. It keeps all impurities at bay, giving you clean skin. You can easily achieve a non-greasy face with these masks.

Combination Skin

With not a lot to invest, beauty bloggers swear by this product. If you have combination skin and are looking to use a sheet mask, then try one that’s rich in antioxidants. Not only does it soothe the skin of any redness and calms it down, it also controls the oil patches on the face without drying out the moistureless skin area.