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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Work Dressing

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Work Dressing

Coming down to actually doing up for certain occasions, you don’t need to be panicky. Following is the guide to finding the right clothes with some of the smartest hacks that will save up on your time and energy while also helping you to camouflage your asleep-on-the-job nature!


Remember to keep your style as casual as possible. You don’t want to run for the hills for just a brief lecture at college!

Outfit: A pair of jeans should be your staple. Team it up with a tank top and throw a flannel shirt over. That’s pretty much it!

Makeup: Girls who actually find enough time to spend for makeup (especially in the mornings) don’t exist! Just apply CC cream all over your face and coat your lashes with a few layers or mascara. Wear clear lip gloss for a neutral tone.

Hair: Let your hair down! If you practically have no plans to brush your strands then just help yourself with a beanie hat or a bandana.

Hacks– Often your mascara gets splashed on your eyelids or smudged on your glasses while you’re giving those final touches to your eyes. A spare credit card can go a long way saving you from this mess. Hold it over your lashes and look down as you apply the mascara.

To make your lip gloss last all day long, mix peppermint oil in the solution container. This will also help your lips to appear more plump.


When in doubt, stick to monochromes or basics in all respects. This keeps the classy dame inside you alive, showing that you tried, but in reality it’s hardly anything countable.

Outfit: Plain shirts and pinstripe trousers, peplum tops and pencil skirts or vice versa are all time choices. Wear a scarf to add a pop of color to your attire. You can trick people into believing that you really took some additional minutes to put together an outfit or figuring out accessories.

Makeup: Take a little bit of time off your undisturbed train of thoughts and get your eyes lined! Use a white eyeliner for your bottom lash line and apply a shimmery silver eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop and conceal your eye bags. Wear a bright red lipstick.

Hair: Pull your hair into a top knot bun or a simple top chignon. It hardly takes 2 minutes to tie your hair together. Do not neglect your hair for work!

Accessories: Wear diamond studs, always! Pick a minimalist neck-piece to make a statement. Adorn your scarf with a cute brooch to add the dazzle.

Hacks-To line your eyes and curling your lashes simultaneously, scrap off some of your eyeliner and stick it to the eye-piece of the eyelash curler. Start the curler and enjoy the advantage!

To keep the baby hair from grazing your face, spritz some hairspray onto a toothbrush and comb them back. They’re never flying out again anymore!

To fake fuller lips, applying white pencil to the center of your lips and lining them with a brown pencil, then smudging it lightly to blend in will do the trick.

If you’re having a hard time stocking your bobby pins, but them in a toothpick container box with the forked ends on the top. You are never losing any of your babies again!