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Your Ultimate Makeup Cheat Sheet For Unavoidable Situations

Your Ultimate Makeup Cheat Sheet For Unavoidable Situations


Sure, beauty is skin deep; but it won’t hurt if you looked your best with easy makeup tricks, right? And, here are few real-time situations where you would want to play your ace game.

1. “Arrgh, I swear I am never going to have another drink in my life”

It’s a weekday, and you wake-up feeling all groggy, and of course, you don’t want the world to know about your crazy night out? Follow these simple makeup tips to hide that hangover.

  • Say it with a rose: Splash chilled rose water on your face and let it dry naturally. This will give your skin look all the moisturiser it needs to look fresh.
  • Use a primer: Let away the pale look with the help of a primer. This will even the skin tone and give it a smooth finish.
  • Play with your bronzer: A bronzer on the face and blush on your cheeks will add colour to your skin and make it look alive.
  • Conceal your dark circles: Use a concealer to hide dark circles and a light shade of eyeshadow to camouflage those puffy eyes. Avoid dark shades as they catch too much attention.
  • Brighten up your look: Use bright lipstick shades like coral or pink to draw attention away from tired eyes.


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2. “Baby, I have a surprise waiting for you under your office building”

So, when your husband or boyfriend drops in at work with a surprise date plan just play along and get date-ready in minutes.

  • Get fresh: Freshen up your face with a good face wash or cleansing milk.
  • Prep yourself up: Use a BB cream for a light and fresh look, and then top it up with a blush on the cheeks.
  • Shine your way: A shimmer eye shadow and a deep eyeliner are best suited for a romantic evening out.
  • Go bold: A bright and bold lip colour for a sexy pout completes the face routine.
  • Pump it up: Pep your hair by brushing them backwards for added volume.


3. “Now that the meeting is cancelled, let’s go get a drink instead”

So, when your evening meeting is called off and the team decides to take it easy with an impromptu party plan. Go along, and transform into a star with these tips.

  • Get an instant glow: A powder or mineral foundation is quick to apply for smoothened glowing skin.
  • Wing your eyes: A liquid or a gel eyeliner in winged application shape your eyes and provides a dramatic look. Complete your eye makeup with coats of mascara on your upper lashes.
  • Highlight your cheekbones: A blusher with silver (for fair skin) or golden (for dark skin) highlighter over your cheekbones add glamour and sheen to your face.
  • Go bold, of course: A bold lip colour is perfect for that diva look.


4. “I don’t have time for a beauty routine”

Take a look at our beauty hacks that will ensure you’ll always look your best.

  • Powder your hair: No time for hair wash? Dab either loose baby or face powder on a big makeup brush and apply it to the roots of your hair to remove extra oil and dirt.
  • Get an instant glow: For an instant apple cheek glow, use a sheer nude colour lip gloss on your cheeks and lighten up!
  • Condition your legs: For a quick and unbelievably smooth shave, use conditioner on your legs.
  • Tame your frizzy hair: Use hair spray on a round brush and comb along from roots to tip for smooth, well-finished look.
  • Fight the sweat: If you are on the run, don’t forget to spray some perfume on your hair as well to get rid of the sweat odour.



So, no matter what time or hour or place, you can look simply gorgeous in minutes. Share with us, if you have more such tricks.