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7 Pro Makeup Tips For Women With Small Eyes

7 Pro Makeup Tips For Women With Small Eyes

Makeup artistry is all about creating illusions. In fact, women have been using makeup hacks to enhance their features for years now. From contouring one’s face so as to make it appear slimmer or owning faux locks using extensions, we’ve all been there. For those with small eyes, mastering corrective eye makeup techniques to make the eyes look bigger has always been a major beauty goal. If you want to ensure that your eye makeup always compliments the almond shape of your eyes, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind the next time you decide to doll up for a soirée.

Shape Those Brows

Well-groomed, arched brows don’t just flatter the eyes but create a flattering frame for the whole face. They enhance the eyes and make it appear larger taking all the emphasis away from their small form.

 Conceal Like A Pro

The right concealer does wonders to complement eye makeup. Just a little tip, don’t conceal all the way up till your lower lash line. This is what makes the eyes appear smaller than it actually is.

Colour and Texture Matter

Stick to lighter and brighter colours for the lids. Shiny metallic shades that reflect light work like magic for smaller eye shapes. Avoid dark matte formulas at all costs. If you must include them, use them sparingly on the outer corners of your lids.

Create Your Crease

Contouring your eyes is also a thing. If your crease isn’t as defined as you would like it to be, create your own crease. Blend a dark brown eyeshadow to mimick a crease on your eyelid. You can also use contouring powder and buff the product into your socket so as to create a sharp 3D effect.

Lighten Up The Waterline

Yes, I know it is our birth right as Indians to smudge black kohl on the waterline. But if you have small eyes, you may want to ditch your favourite dark kohl pencil as it makes your eyes look about half its actual size. Opt for beige, gold or silver colours on the waterline to instantly open and brighten up your eyes.

Mascara, Mascara And More Mascara

No matter what your eye shape, your lash game’s gotta be strong. People with small eyes need to be careful about the shape of the mascara wand. Find a lengthening and defining mascara that grabs, amplifies and separates your lashes to perfection. Focus on the centre of your upper lash line to exaggerate the eyes.


Wearing false lashes is one heck of a commitment. But if you’re someone who wants to take your eye makeup game to the next level in a jiffy, just add a pair of dolly lashes for that fabulous flutter.