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3 Genius Mascara Tricks To Ensure Your Lashes Are On Fleek

3 Genius Mascara Tricks To Ensure Your Lashes Are On Fleek

We’re almost always paying attention to our brows. But there’s one feature that can also make or break eye makeup. Well, we’re talking about the lashes. With falsies and beauty treatments such as lash extensions and lash lifts, there’s so much one can do to get perfect lashes. And why not? Lashes make a drastic transformation and upgrade one’s look. Ask any girl from Team WODROB and they’ll confess that their makeup bag is incomplete without a tube of mascara (read: magic potion). That said, we do think it would be great to get gorgeous falsie-like lashes without having to do much. Which is why, we’ve got you three tricks to help you achieve lusciously long lashes, and get you to slay your mascara game!

Curler Trick

It takes no rocket science to figure this one out! An eyelash curler is specifically meant to curl the lashes and that’s why you MUST use it. Lashes generally fall straight and a curler is best to lift them up. Trust us, it will instantly amp up your mascara. Always curl your lashes first and then carry on with your mascara routine. It sure can be a little daunting to use, but a little practice can help you overcome the fear. Be careful not to pinch your eyelid while you’re using it.

Baby Powder Trick

This one is one of our favourite beauty hacks. Just dust baby powder or translucent powder onto your lashes using an eyeshadow brush between your mascara coats, and watch the magic. The mascara coats will only get thicker giving an illusion of voluminous lashes. Try it, and instantly notice the difference.

Spoon Trick

To apply this trick, just hold a spoon or a plastic card right above your lashes when applying mascara. Wiggle the wand from the roots of the lashes upwards and coat it right till the end. This will prevent the mascara from getting onto your eyelid and also curve your lashes slightly, giving it an instant lift.