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5 Totally Fetch Fashion Lessons Mean Girls Taught Us

5 Totally Fetch Fashion Lessons Mean Girls Taught Us

Aside from being a witty masterpiece, Mean Girls also offered a plethora of wardrobe choices that epitomised teen girl style in early 2000s. Fourteen years on, the fashion choices made in the movie continue to inspire women from all over the world.

So let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable fashion trends that Mean Girls started:

  1. Forget shades of Gray: Think PINK!

On Wednesdays, we wear pink” is one of the most memorable lines from Mean Girls , On Wednesdays, you could choose to add a splash of pink to your ensemble or wear an all-pink outfit like Karen. This trend is easy to adapt if you’re already in love with the hues.

  1. The Tracksuits! #NuffSaid

Juicy Couture Tracksuits were THE fashion statement of 2004 and even in 2018 they can be worn to exude class and elegance without much effort.

  1. Sassy Slogan Tees

The Plastics exemplified 2004-era rendition of teen trend by sporting overly sassy Slogan tees! Well, good news for you, even in 2018, slogan tees are all over street style. For your next purchase, just pick up a sassy one (think Regina George level SASSY) and you’ll be sure to make some heads turn 😉 #YoureWelcome

  1. Preppy Knitwear

If your outfit is a bit too risqué, balance it with something more relaxed like a pastel colored cardigan. Not only will it hide your tight silhouettes it will also give a “good-girl” vibe to your entire look. You could also opt for cropped cardigans to show stomachs, because 2018 is all about baring that midriff. Your hard-work at the gym gotta show gurrll.

  1. Tiny Handbags

Honestly, if you’re not heading to work, the huge bags are such a waste of space. Our bag needs to be big enough to fit our phone, our lipgloss, our house keys, and maybe a tampon.