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Go Transparent With Your Accessories This Monsoon!

Go Transparent With Your Accessories This Monsoon!

Monsoons in India are awaited all year long, but the minute you step outdoors the real challenge begins. The gloomy weather is ideal for sitting at home and sipping on piping hot tea and devouring pakodas. However, adulting comes to the fore and going to work every day becomes a huge task! Don’t let the drab weather take your fashion spirits down and take notes from the list WODROB has created just for you. In recent years, transparent accessories have become a huge fad, globally, during the monsoons. WODROB has put together just the right items you should invest in this season:

  • Umbrellas/Raincoats

Everyone looks forward to monsoon every year, because of the respite it brings from the heat. Also, it adds on one shopping trip for the rain shield (read umbrella, raincoats, et all. ). There is a wide range of umbrellas available in the market – varying sizes, colours, and designs. However, WODROB suggests you opt for a transparent shield to stay ahead of your friends. Not only will it make a statement, but you could also enjoy the view by looking up. There are different embellishments available with the transparent umbrellas and raincoats, however, always remember “less is more” in some areas of fashion.  Lastly, don’t forget to check the sturdiness.

  • Rain-proof shoes

Stepping out into the rains with the right pair of shoes is very important. Not only does it save your shoes but also helps you wade through the puddles and keeps your feet clean. Like the above item, opt for transparent gumboots and you’re sure to turn some heads. At all costs, avoid closed, canvas or leather shoes while stepping out. In the transparent options, you could opt for neon and bright colours to bring some colour to your outfit.

  • Hand Bags

Just like with shoes, avoid canvas or leather bags the till the time rain gods are down blessing us. WODROB suggests, you opt for transparent bags with pouches inside to keep your goods safe. Do not forget to check the material used for the bag; make sure it is waterproof and sturdy to last you at least two seasons.  Just a safety tip – since your contents will be visible, make sure you are cautious while traveling.

Pro tip: If you’re travelling to South-east Asia (read Thailand and China) during the summers, then we recommend that you buy your monsoon accessories from there as it is way cheaper, better quality and you can pick from many, many more exclusive designs.