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We’re Sure You Had No Clue Your Blush Can Do So Much More

We’re Sure You Had No Clue Your Blush Can Do So Much More

Who doesn’t love that gorgeous glow and naturally flushed cheeks achieved by the stroke of a blush. But what if we told you that that gorgeous product can do so much more? Amazed? Well, you’ve every right to be. Making the most of what you have is a skill we ought to learn, especially when it comes to makeup. Many times we’re not aware of how we can put something to use in multiple ways and thus lose out on a lot. If you can’t think of any other way to use your blush, keep scrolling to be informed. We’re here to show you how you can make the most of your blush in your makeup routine, while not just brushing it against your cheekbones. Go forth and maximise your blush products!

Use it as an eyeshadow

While we all love using our blush for a subtle cheek tint, this product doubles up to work as an eyeshadow. Even better if your blush has a slight shimmer to it. You can easily achieve a shimmery pink eye look.

Try it as a lip gloss

If you have some broken blushes and don’t want to throw them then this one’s for you. Just add some of the blush powder into a clear bottle of gloss to create your very own lip tint. You can also add Vaseline to it to make it a tinted balm. A cream blush can be used directly on your lips as lip colour.

Paint your nails with it

When you’re out of your pink and orange-hued nail paints or when it’s dried up, you can easily make nail paint for yourself with this trick. Scrape out some old blush and mix it into a bottle of clear nail varnish. Voila… you have a brand new nail paint for yourself. You can also customise it by mixing different blushes.

Say bye to tan lines

A lot of MUAs and beauty gurus have already been using this tip. in fact, it’s as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is dip your finger or a brush into the blush and blend or brush it against your skin over the tan lines.