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Move Over LBD, WODROB Presents 3 Unconventional Ways You Can Wear A Black Shirt

Move Over LBD, WODROB Presents 3 Unconventional Ways You Can Wear A Black Shirt

The colour black is a classic and is always a must-have for your wardrobe. And contrary to popular belief, it is not restricted to the Little Black Dress. When it comes to black, there are infinite ways to look fashionable.Apart from being your usual go to for parties, black can actually transform you into a fashionista without even trying much.For our experimental folks, WODROB presents some unconventional ways to break the stereotype and style your black shirts.

  • Oversize Black Shirt

Oversize/boyfriend clothes are all the fad these days. Boyfriend shirts are not only comfortable but they also give you various options to style and play around with. Borrow a black shirt from your boyfriend/brother/father and wear it as a dress with a pair of silver hoops and a pair of leather boots/white sneakers or lace-up flats depending on the weather. You can also add a mid-waist belt to the mix to jazz up the attire.

  • Add a Belt or Suspender

Add a layer to your boring shirt and jeans attire by wearing a belt around your waist. The same works with a pair of black shirts and a pair of shorts with a thick belt or corset around the waist. It highlights your torso and gives a slimming effect. Also, you can add suspender straps to a simple shirt and trouser look to maximise the oomph factor.

  • Pair with a slip dress or dungarees

An uncommon, but well thought-out pairing – a shirt + slip dress or a shirt + dungarees. DKNY and Coach have flaunted this new trend in many shows this season and you can definitely try this fashion rage yourself. Wear it under dungarees (trouser/dress) and flaunt your style drive at work or wear it under a slip dress for a classic day and night look.