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New Year, New Beauty Goals

New Year, New Beauty Goals


Fashion week has already gone by, but we’re still swooning over the gorgeous looks emerging next season. If your hair and make-up routine is in dire need of an update, look no further as WM recaps the beauty looks that are cool for the summer and shows you how to wear them too!


If the recent passing of our childhood heartthrob George Michael has taught us anything, it’s that fashion can keep reminiscing the decades gone by for as long as they’d like because some things are just too good to let go.


Spring 2017 fashion weeks saw heavy tributes to the shoulder padded era of glamour and experimentation. But, when it comes to beauty, ’80s makes you think of excessive back-combing, glittery hints and eye-popping lips – if done right, they can fit really well into the future. Case in point, Gigi Hadid’s glittery lips at the Fendi show – we love how it screams drama! Now, this might not be a piece of cake to pull off, might we suggest moving your gleaming gaze towards your eyes with the help of some glitter eye shadow.


Move on from those done and dusted yellow-y gold shades, rose gold suits just about any skin tone and looks especially beautiful on duskier toned dames – perfect on just about any night out or wedding look. Rose gold is fresh, blends with almost every Indian skin tone and who doesn’t love a hint of pink. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time!

Surfer babes ruled the runways at Alexander Wang and nothing says eighties like unkempt and teased hair. Achieve this look by applying some texturizing spray onto your day three (dirty and unwashed) locks and scrunch away to glory. If your hair is lacking volume, play it up with some subtle teasing. P.S. Did you know that you don’t need a tail comb to tease your hair? Your fingers can do the same job just as well – bring your index finger and thumb together near a thin stack of hair, press them firmly and start pushing them in opposite motion and voilà!   


Eye-popping lips were another trend that emerged from the runways. We’re no strangers to candy pop lip shades, but not a lot of us managed to get it right the first time around, luckily, they’re making a comeback and we’re here to show you how to do it right this time. Pastel shades often come in a variety of matte finishes, and look very bad when ease their way into the cracks of our lips – always exfoliate your lips before applying any matte or satin finish lipstick, you can do this with your toothbrush, light strokes on wet lips should do it. Immediately follow-up with some industrial strength chapstick and keep a tissue or two handy – blot your lips before you proceed as this should take away excess lip moisturiser that would otherwise make your lipstick slip. If you don’t care much for lining your lips with a pencil or brush, use the lipstick bullet smartly – there’s a reason why they’re shaped like a tear drop, the pointy edge can be used at an angle to help create a guideline of your cupids bow and lip line, the angled edge can then be used to fill in colour accompanied by a lot of tissue blotting and reapplication of course!


WM Tip: If pastel lipstick doesn’t give you a kick, coloured eyeliner should – look for mint green and icy blue shades to start with, and don’t forget to keep the rest of your face bare when experimenting with eyes. Better yet, put some on your nails!


Victorian Romance

You needn’t dive deep into a Shakespearean Macbeth in order to get the Victorian romanticism trend right – we’ve got you the footnotes from the fashion weeks itself.


Who doesn’t love the idea of a sinful scarlet lip and well lined eyes? Well, we all do! The key to achieving this look is to let one element do the talking – either your eyes or your lips – its best to let only one of them be bold and not the two together. When it comes to meticulously lining your eyes, we suggest opting for an angled brush and a matte pot liner – dip, apply and smudge is the mantra here!


Your lips can take a backseat as wine-stained, settled-in colour is the look-du-jour! Hunt the market for cheek and lip stains that’ll help you attain this look. Ditch your contour kits and bronzers as a smitten cheek is the highlight of the Victoriana look – cream blushes are great for blending, but don’t forget to set them in with translucent powder if you tend to get oily. Apricot pinks are your best choice and are universally appealing on every skin tone.


Think braids, soft curls and floral accessories – old world romance had its own charm but you can nail it too – in a more modern way. Braids require patience, a YouTube tutorial, few hair bands and a whole lot of pins. If your hair is too thin, plaits can be your best bet to thicken them up. Don’t forget to scrunch up and loosen out the braid to give it a faux thick appearance.

Romantic curls are the best follow-up to braids. Don’t get what we mean? Just sleep in with braids and voila – heat-free curls the next morning. Don’t forget to follow-up with hairspray.   

Accessorizing is fun, but it’s even more fun when it comes to your tresses! Floral crowns are so passé, it’s time to ditch them and opt for hairbands, clips, pins and even faux flowers.

Bejeweled floral accessories are the easiest way to glam up any traditional outfit this wedding season and an absolute party must have (think pleated metallic skirt and bejewelled flower pins on your tresses).


WM Tip: Braids and floral accessories together make for a high fashion combination, just don’t forget to spray your hairspray before you add the trinkets as the chemicals from the spray might oxidize your jewellery.

Mermaid Tales

Ariel, the little mermaid had her mane set all wrong – modern-day sea creatures adorn themselves with slick parts and combine them with cornrow braids.


You’ll need to prepare yourself to add on oodles of hair gel for this one!

Girls blessed with thick locks can really have fun with this look. One of the best ways to try this look at home is to construct a deep side part (consider aligning it to the arch of the brow for symmetry) and swoop all that hair to one side and get to work on the leftovers. Wet the leftover bit with water ever so slightly and work a generous tablespoon of gel onto it. Now construct a fishtail braid or cornrow on the gelled up end and move your way down and secure it with a hair tie. Scrunch up the rest of the side parted hair for a wet and wild look.    

To let your mane be the showstopper look, consider keeping your make-up minimal through a fresh face coupled with feline flicks and a kohl rimmed waterline.


WM Tip: We love the juxtaposition of dainty with punk – look for fancy pearl headed bobby pins and position them in a criss-cross manner on your wet look for a well-contrasted grunge appearance.

There you go! You’re all set to step foot in the new year with the latest and best trends that beauty has had to offer from fashion weeks. Now, go on and experiment – life’s too short to sport the same old boring look forever.