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Quick And Easy Ways You Can Style Pin Straight Hair And It’s A Child’s Play!

Quick And Easy Ways You Can Style Pin Straight Hair And It’s A Child’s Play!


It’s true, some people are blessed with perfectly curled hair, some with deadly straight hair, and some women are just mermaids – naturally wavy, straight-out-of-the-beach hair. But, ask them and you’ll know – not all hairstyles stay even on the perfect hair.

“How so?”, you ask. Well, it’s because hair styling  not only depends on how straight or wavy your hair is, but also on the texture of your hair. And that’s more permanent – you may change your hairstyle, never the texture of your hair, unless of course, you chemically treat it or take pains to oil, condition, treat it naturally for years. Some types can be straight but coarse, wavy but thin, curly but so soft and smooth that hair clips wouldn’t stay in place.

Sometimes, pin straight hair is the hardest to deal with – it’s straight, silky and style-phobic. If you have long or short straight hair, you must have been receiving compliments on a daily basis. But, no one knows the real struggle you go through in styling those dead straight strands. It’s disheartening but true. The good news, though, is that the texture of your hair can help you to style them.

So here are some easy hair styling tips, carefully handpicked for those who need to give those lengths a serious makeover:

Bubble Bun

30 seconds is all it takes to master this retro up-do. Try imagining every ethnic wear you have with bubble bun. Or add a hairpin when in need of something ‘elegant’ and you want your hair tied up. This hairdo will be your lifesaver. Every girl ought to have a lifesaver style. Just remember TIE-TEAR-TUCK.


Fake Bangs

Most of you love bangs but there are girls who cannot afford to carry those on an everyday basis because sometimes its annoying to keep stroking every 2 secs and other times people in front get anxious about it. Fake bangs, though, do not have to stay, if you don’t always need them. Wear them only when you feel like it. Just a friendly reminder, you might have to straighten your hair if you have difficult ends. If you have wavy ends, keep it natural. A dab of water would help while clipping those on front.


Grecian Braids

Some hairstyles make you look classy even without spending much time on them. Since your hair is secured in one place, you can pull these off even while travelling, you’ll still be looking like a princess. Looking for something quicker? Try the ‘Maiden Twist’. Add a little bit of clever quotient to every new style you learn, you’ll have many more to choose from.


Maiden Twist

If you don’t mind twisting your hair million times, then you should definitely try this twisted hairstyle. If you want to look a little mature and serious, like for a corporate event, twist it all into a low bun. To give it a younger and playful touch, play with the hair around the crown of your head. Start styling it when it’s damp or a little wet. That way, your twists won’t slip out and open up.


Subtle Invert

This particular pony looks complicated but takes just a minute to achieve. Your flawless falls will highlight the inverted strands while keeping them all in one place. Key to learn the steps is to try while watching the demonstrations below.


Snake Braids

Befriend a new way to braid your hair. Why go for a simple bun or a pony when you can give it a complex feel, without much effort? You can either tie the snake braids into a pony, bun if you have long hair or just pin them at the back for short hair. Its always better to keep the middle strand to get a snake like cording.


Double Crowns

Yes, it’s a common hairdo, and no, it’s not just for long hair. Every girl can rock the double crowns, you just need to be creative with the twists. Long hair will only need few turns but girls with short or layered hair will have to braid those ponies. You might want to carry a few bobby pins to secure those crowns for longer.


Infinite Loop

You are going to love yourself with these loops, but the tricky part is that you may need to invest some time to memorise the steps. Well, you can ask your friend to do it for you, but it’s better to learn for yourself and give your hair a makeover whenever needed. Perfect!

Don’t wait for a day to come. Start practising to make them look flawless every time you go out.

Shot and edited by VR Kiran for WODROB.