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Ladies, Take Note Of The Ultimate Monsoon Skincare Guide

Ladies, Take Note Of The Ultimate Monsoon Skincare Guide

Monsoon is the perfect time to rock that unproblematic no-makeup makeup look. If you’re brave enough, you could also give your makeup bag a complete miss this gloomy weather. Which means that all the attention will go on your skin, and that’s got to be flawless. The soaring humidity levels of the season usually don’t suit every skin type. While the romantic weather has its many pros, it certainly is a pain when it comes to skincare. This sticky damp season loaded with its high levels of humidity may lead to several skin problems. So your worry shouldn’t be what waterproof makeup you should use. Instead, it should be about changing your skincare routine to tackle the monsoon.

Eat, sleep, cleanse, repeat

Wash your face at least 2-3 times a day with a mild soap-free cleanser that works best for your skin type. If your skin is dry, use a cream based cleanser. People with a combination or oily skin can use a gel based oil-free cleanser. Try to keep your skin as dry as possible if you want to avoid any fungal skin infections.

Scrub the grime away

Exfoliate your skin to get rid of the grime that clogs your pores in the monsoon. Your skin needs a scrub or two every week so as to keep all the bacteria and fungus at bay. You can use natural homemade scrubs (an oatmeal and honey scrub or even rava mixed with milk) twice a week to exfoliate the dead skin on your face.

Waterproof SPF is your bae

No matter how cloudy the days are, UV rays are still out there to damage your skin. Don’t ditch that SPF especially during this season. Waterproof sunblock of SPF30 and above is exactly what your skin requires every time you step out during the day.


Yes, the weather is already wet so you might wonder why you need to add this step to your daily routine. Well, your skin still needs some kind of hydration. So use a gentle lotion or serum to avoid that heavy, sticky feeling.

Take off that makeup

Don’t we love waterproof mascaras during the monsoon? But it suddenly becomes your worst enemy at the time you’ve got to take it off. Your skin needs to breathe too, so use a makeup remover to get rid of all the goop left on the face when you’re back after a long day. Sleeping with makeup on will suffocate your skin and leave it irritated with a rash. It can also give rise to dreadful pimples, which you surely don’t want to experience.