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Want To Look Your Dapper Best? Here’s What You Need To Do

Want To Look Your Dapper Best? Here’s What You Need To Do

A first impression makes the best impression… while this is a common saying, we can’t reiterate how important it is. First impressions matter a lot, whether it is in terms of personality or how you dress. While one can’t really change the personality, dressing better is certainly an option. We struggle every single day to decide what to wear and waste a lot of time doing so, we often just end up walking out of the door in an attire that is not always quite put together. If only we could find a fashion genie to have it all figured out for us. Well, Team WODROB is no less than your personal wardrobe genie! We’ve brought you a few style tips to help you dress well and to keep you ahead of the fashion folk.

Put your best foot forward

The humble shoe is such an important accessory in any outfit for every occasion. While we know how comfortable and cool sneakers look, you don’t have to sport them with everything you wear. There are plenty of options in the market to explore. Slip into shoes that work for the outfit and occasion you’re heading to. Invest in a good pair of dressy brogues, a pair of Indian juttis for all your ethnic outfits, or a pair of espadrilles for your casual outfits.

Step out of your comfort zone

While this tip cannot be implemented almost immediately, it needs to be done gradually. Sometimes it gets boring to wear the same kind of clothing and accessories that you’ve been sporting for years. Step out of your comfort zone once in a while and opt for things that are fresh and different from your personal style. It need not be a bizarre fashion trend, a simple change can do the trick. Try unconventional layering, print on print, coloured pants and other such doable fashion trends.

Focus on the fit

No matter what you wear, the fit of the garment can either make or break your look. Avoid baggy and ill-fitting garments at any cost. Befriend a tailor if you have to and get your clothes made. A perfectly fitted shirt with a pair of well-tailored trousers will help you ace the office look. It instantly elevates your outfit and makes you look dapper.