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Tete-a-tete with Disguise Cosmetics, India’s First Peta Certified Make-Up Brand!

Tete-a-tete with Disguise Cosmetics, India’s First Peta Certified Make-Up Brand!

We chatted with Shivangi Shah, Desiree Pereira, and Lakshay Mohindroo, the trio behind India’s first Peta certified vegan makeup brand – Disguise Cosmetics!

The makeup world is a gigantic sphere of high-end luxury brands, affordable brands, must-have brands and more! Each brand brings its distinct personality to the table because it is difficult to survive the cut-throat competition if you’re just simply doing what everyone else does!

Disguise Cosmetics is one such innovative Indian makeup brand that has built its own loyal base of customers within less than a year after its launch! This brand founded by 3 ex-L’Oreal mavericks, is based on their perception of how the beauty industry should function in today’s age. They strive to deliver the best quality products to their customers and at the same time, want to give back to nature as well. Hence, their collection is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free and natural.

We present some exclusive insights about Disguise Cosmetics right from inception, hard-work that followed, current standing and future.

Team WODROB: Tell us the inspiration behind Disguise Cosmetics.

Team Disguise: We wanted to come up with something young, fresh and add that innovative twist to how makeup is perceived today. Our idea was to attempt something big, that other more established brands would refrain from doing. We were just starting off, so we wanted to embark on this journey with the right attitude and a clean conscience. Yes, our goal is to become a big success one day, but we do not want to compromise on our quality, our principles and our ethics. We are staunch believers of cruelty-free makeup and all our processes and formulations are designed keeping in mind this philosophy. Our core values and inspiration at Disguise Cosmetics are to be eco-friendly and to provide our customers with paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free products.

TW: A very unusual name for a cosmetics brand. Tell us more about the visualisation behind it and why “Disguise Cosmetics”?

TD: Our message to all the beautiful women out there is – Be whoever you want to be. We want to empower women and give them the freedom to be who they want to be. We create cosmetics that celebrate real women who can’t be defined by labels. We believe in everyone being free to live a new dream every day, unapologetically. The name “Disguise” was coined with an intention to take this message out to Indian women.

TW: You are India’s first 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand. Was this a conscious decision? Is it a reflection of your inherent personalities?

TD: Yes, we have been raised with an education wherein animals and people are treated equally. Moreover, from the onset of our childhood, we have been pushed towards eco-friendly methods and that has stayed with us all our lives. So, when it was in our hands to launch our own brand and shape it as per our beliefs, we knew we had to tread on this path of being India’s first 100% cruelty-free brand and since all 3 of us were in line with this philosophy it surely made the journey easier and now, with the kind of phenomenal response we are experiencing; definitely worth it as well.

TW: What is your brand ethos?

TD: We are an Indie makeup brand that is defined by the people using it. We want to make using makeup an experience for our customer that they cherish and that helps them uplift their personalities. We want to achieve all this and more with our basic brand philosophy intact – cruelty-free, vegan, and pocket-friendly and as natural as possible.

TW: What are the different roles played by the 3 of you?

TD: Each one of us has added a touch of our personality, expertise, and experience to the brand.

Shivangi is the makeup lover/hoarder and she handles the curation of the products, user and market research.

Desiree is our marketing maverick and she is responsible for getting the brand to the audience. From P.R. to digital marketing to branding and customer queries, all of it is taken care of by her.

Lakshay is our technical brain and all the engineering and product creation is handled by him.

TW: Currently, you only have a range of lipsticks. Do you plan to expand? What’s next?

TD: Yes, we are expanding our line and will be launching a range of eye makeup and face products. The face products will mainly deal with elixirs, cleansers and more for Indian skin types.

Team WODROB is excited to use Disguise lipsticks and cannot wait for them to introduce more makeup. You can experience the Vegan way of makeup at