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We Ask, You Answer: The One Item Guys Love Borrowing From Their Partner’s Beauty Box

We Ask, You Answer: The One Item Guys Love Borrowing From Their Partner’s Beauty Box

In our new segment We Ask, You Answer, we ask our readers about everything from their bold sartorial options to fashion pet peeves, the comments that they’d rather ignore, a beauty item they’ve borrowed from their partner, and more. Read on…

It was just another afternoon, and hump day was literally getting to us. While some of us were still digging into our meals, our junior stylist shift the conversation to how her boyfriend uses her straightener time and again. We did think it was cute. And so, to continue this conversation, we decided to ask some of our male readers, if they’ve used any beauty item from their girlfriend/wife’s beauty box. Check out the responses… you’ll be surprised.

Varun Malik, 31

Varun Malik

I don’t usually dig into my wife’s beauty box. But if I were to jump in, I would probably pick out her face pack. I don’t mind getting my face cleaned up especially before going for an event.

Sunand Seth, 20

Sunand Seth

I like using my girlfriend’s lip balm. It does make my lips soft. And I’ve got to admit that I like the flavour it has.

Aakash Bhojwani, 26

Aakash Bhojwani

I remember last winter, when my hands and feet were drying up and I was too lazy to buy a new cream, I just borrowed her moisturizer. Of course, it helped.

Jeetu Khubchandani, 35

Jeetu Khubchandani

I use my wife’s shampoo because not only am I too lazy to buy my own, I also like the product she uses. It doesn’t have a fruity smell. And most importantly, it doesn’t make my hair dry, and is good to control dandruff.

Lakshit Koushal, 21

Lakshit Koushal

The one product I borrow from my girlfriend’s beauty box at times is her perfume. Honestly, I don’t really care if I smell manly or not. I just make sure I apply something that smells nice.

Prince John, 25

Prince John

I have used this particular body butter that my girlfriend owned. And must I say, not only did it feel really good on the skin, it smelt divine.

Sharmil Shah, 35

Sharmil Shah

I’ve tried my wife’s body wash when I’ve run out of mine, and I have to mention it smells extremely nice. That apart, there’s this particular oil she uses. Not too sure if it’s a hair oil or a body oil, but it’s got a wonderful fragrance as well.

Jairav Desai, 22

Jairav Desai

I have used my partner’s moisturiser. Honestly that’s the only product, that I think, I can use from her beauty box.

Harsh Thakkar, 24

Harsh Thakkar

My girlfriend uses this face mask, and I am very tempted to try it. Also, I apply a face sheet every once a week before going to sleep, and that’s also something I noticed her using. I must admit it gives my skin a glow.