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The Man In The Woods

The Man In The Woods


This season, let go off the trimmed, well-groomed metrosexual look. Instead, think brawn, rugged beard, liberal flannel, boots, denims, suspenders, and be the lumbersexual man! Giving manliness a new meaning, the lumberjack likes outdoors and wood chopping with axe – his most prized possession. Well, we don’t mean to put you on a jungle trail to prove your mettle. But, hitting the the bar to guzzle beer with your bro clan the old-fashioned way may not be a bad idea!

If you haven’t seen already, the look brings the outdoor gear back in style. And, why not? It’s comfy, sturdy, functional and masculine.

Here’s how you can perfect the look:


Beard it well
Exude your manliness with a well-kept beard. WODROB Tip: Keep a beard oil handy to tame that hair when needed.


Go woody
Wear wooden shades or ones with a wooden texture to add the right element for this look.


Button it up
A buttoned-up flannel shirt is the armour that the lumberjack wears to work. Keep it faded with vintage style graphics to kill the look. Team it up with fluffy down vest or jacket and you are all set!


Rough it out
Steady and timeless like wood logs, the bottom for the axe man is undoubtedly, a pair of worn out, weathered denim. Another option could be your hiking or climbing pants but make sure the colours are neutral.


Where’s you man-bun?
That’s one thing you can’t ignore. A lumberjack proudly wears his hair into a man bun. Short, long, doesn’t matter, just pull them up and tie! Lastly, accessorise this look with keychain carabiner, wooden phone covers, leather belts and postman bags, gloves, or just a pocket knife.


Sturdy is the word

Hiking boots is what you need to root yourself into this look. Rugged leather or waxed canvas shoes with rubber soles can also get close. But, please oh please, avoid flashy graphics or outsized logos. Remember, the look has to say ‘I-don’t- give-a- damn’! Insider tip: Bare cushioned socks in solid colours underneath will add comfort and the spring to your step.