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The Perfect Bob For You

The Perfect Bob For You

Going short is anyway such a major decision for us women and when it comes to styling it, well…we all know what goes down! While the bob may look great on someone else, you may want to consider a few things before getting one yourself. Found yourself contemplating this very decision anytime recently? Let us tell you all there is to know before taking the big leap. This classic hairstyle has been in existence since the 1920’s and you’ll be glad to know that the bob is universally flattering for every face type and hair texture. The real debate however shouldn’t be that the bob may not be the style for you but instead what kind of a bob you could carry off.

Bob haircuts are trendy, versatile and easy to style. You can look everything from sharp to edgy and from fun to flirty with the correct one.
Here’s decoding the various bobs for the different face types.

For the round shaped

While your face shape is equal in width and length, you don’t have a very well defined jaw line.
The bob for you: Your bob should be able to add height to your face by adding volume on the crown or you could sport a deep side part with a lob (a long bob) with long layers. You can also try an asymmetrical bob.
Avoid: Curls, full bangs, choppy layers and center parts as they add fullness to your face.

For the heart shaped

This face type has a narrow chin, a wider forehead and prominent cheekbones.
The bob for you: Go for a lob with bangs. Lob could feature layers or could be of one length. The long length of the haircut will draw attention away from the pointed chin and the bangs disguise the wide forehead that helps create balance.
Avoid: A bob that ends at the chin and is very angular as this may lead someone’s gaze straight toward your pointed chin.

For the square shaped

Your face is equal in length and width and you have a well-defined jaw line. The primary concern now is to add softness to the look.
The bob for you: Most kind of bobs work here. However, remember to add a lot of movement with soft layers or razor cuts. You can sport a graduated bob that is shorter from behind and longer in the front. You could also opt for a one-length bob. This will help add curves to the edges of your square face.
Avoid: Bobs with blunt cuts because they it take away from the softness of your face entirely.

For the oblong shaped

This face is longer than it is wide and is longer than an oval face.
The bob for you: Chin length bobs work well as they create an illusion of fullness. If your forehead is long, go for bangs as they’ll balance your face out in length and make it seem shorter.
Avoid: Short or lengthy bobs as they could make your face appear long and disproportioned.

Oval and Diamond Shape

These face shapes are ideal. The diamond face shape is wider at the temples. The jaw line for both these face shapes is well defined and the faces are well angled.
The bob for you: These faces can pull off any type of bobs. Don’t hesitate and add layers, play with length – go super short or go shoulder length. Center part it, slick them back or even have side swept bangs. An asymmetrical bob is as playful as it gets and can go as bold as you may like.
Avoid: Focus less on creating balance and more on keeping things balanced.

We understand your attachment with your hair and how terrifying it maybe to do something different but when you’re ready you’re just ready. Go for it! The bob is a great way to go different. Experiment with your hair and learn to have fun with it.

Edited by: Jehana Antia