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There’s a Kajal For Every Eye, But Are You Wearing It Right?

There’s a Kajal For Every Eye, But Are You Wearing It Right?


Who doesn’t love a pair of nicely done eyes, right? And what’s essential about perfect looking eyes is the right kajal. You could have the most magnetic eyes and amazing lashes, but if you mess up your kajal, you know it’s not going to be a good day!

Whether you have small eyes or big, close-set eyes or wide-set, rest assured because we have just the tips for you!

Small Eyes


Small eyes are probably the most difficult to get right. But once you keep a few pointers in mind, it’ll be a smooth sail. The first tip is to never apply kajal right beneath your eyes as that will only make your eyes look even smaller. The second tip is to tight-line your upper and lower lash line with a light coloured kajal (white or nude works best!) to make your eyes appear bigger. The idea is to use minimal space but enhance your eyes. For this, simply draw a thin line of kajal on your top lash line.


WM tip: Make sure to avoid thick strokes on the eyes as they only make the eyes look smaller.

Big Eyes


If you have big eyes, you’re the luckiest of the lot, because it basically means that you’re free to have fun with your eyes and chances are, you’d rock most of the looks! You can embellish your eyes the way you like – a line under your eyes as well as over your lids, to get an intense look that works beautifully with Indian outfits. Alternately, you can also experiment with bold cat eyes. The world is your oyster here!


WM tip: Try using a precise and smooth kajal that allows you maximum control of your stroke. This will help in giving you the perfect cat eye.

Close-Set Eyes


If the gap between the inner corners of your two eyes can’t fit another eye, you have close-set eyes. You should avoid taking your kajal all the way up to your tear-duct as that will only emphasize how close the inner corners of your eyes are. A good look would be to start a little away from the tear-ducts drawing a thin line and then making it thicker as you reach the outer corner.


WM tip: For more intensity, you can enhance the kajal line beyond the length of your lash line to give the impression of wider apart eyes!

Wide-Set Eyes


If the gap between the inner corners of your eyes seem like they can fit another eye in between them, or more, you have wide-set eyes. The trick to work with such eyes is to accentuate your inner corners so that your eyes seem closer than they actually are. For this, start drawing your kajal from your tear-duct and drag it just until your lash line.


WM tip: You could also line the inner corner of your bottom lash line to add same drama to the look!

Make-up is what you make of it. Beyond these tips, feel free to experiment with your kajal and how you like it to look. Some confidence with the right stroke and you’re ready to rock!