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The 5 Things Every Man Should Know About Beard Grooming

The 5 Things Every Man Should Know About Beard Grooming

The one feature that instantly makes a man ‘hot’ is facial hair. In fact, it’s so in-vogue for men right now that despite the scorching heat, it’s really difficult to spot a clean-shaven man. The popularity of the beard in its many forms has always been a trend to follow and it still is. The minimal scruff, the chin strap or the well-trimmed full beard, there’s something for everyone. Today, we’re going to give you boys some tips on how to take care of your facial hair. Because we know you don’t want to resemble an ape man EVER.
The first step to having a beard is putting those razors and trimmers to rest. Is that all? Not even close. In fact there is a lot to learn about growing a beard if you are into style (well, we know you are!) Growing a beard is a big commitment. Whether you are just past the stubble or a two-foot mass, knowing how to groom that beard will not only make a huge difference to how you look but also help boost your confidence. Let WODROB help you avoid mistakes most men make. Here are some manly-magic tips.

Match your beard to the shape of your face

When it comes to facial hairstyles, make sure the hair growth is in tandem with your jawline. For example, if you have a square or round jaw, grow your beard fuller on the bottom; this gives an illusion of a long face. Distinct face shapes call for different styles, and this how you will reach an ‘optimal beard’.

Know how to shave and trim

It is important to invest in a good trimmer even if you don’t plan on trimming it often. Pruning is essential for a well-groomed beard. Beards require regular grooming and maintenance. How much? That depends on the style of beard you plan to have. But you’ll need a razor daily for a clean line at the top and on the neck.
WM Tip: Shake the razor dry to avoid rusting.

Wash it regularly

You heard us. If you wash your face often, why not the beard that’s growing on it? Use a soft cleanser to remove dead cells, food or any unwanted particles that may reside in your beard. Under beard acne, one of the many banes of puberty, can be avoided by washing your beard twice daily. This leaves your beard and the skin beneath it healthy, clean and nourished.
WM Tip: When choosing the best wash for your beard, keep in mind that it needs to be both tough on dirt yet gentle on the skin.

Use beard oil

You probably think we’re overdoing it but we really aren’t. If you hope to have that perfect beard someday, you better start using beard oils ASAP. There are several brands to choose from. In case you’re all about the fragrance, there are scents to select from too. No, it’s not metrosexual of you to use them,  it’s just sensible. Beard oils will help keep your beard looking health and shiny for long.

Don’t forget the moustache

No, we haven’t forgotten the moustache. We were just saving the best for last. Growing an epic beard cannot happen without a moustache. Use a pair of scissor to trim it regularly and keep it in shape. Keep your ‘Mo’ as natural as possible and use a mustache wax to give it some definition.

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